Voice Over

When it comes to marketing, you’re likely to think about the visual first. Maybe it’s your sign, logo, print ad, colors, business cards, or social media. But what about the VOICE of your business? How do you SOUND to the audience (and potential clients) you want to reach?

Voice commands, interactive prompts, and responses from smart devices are everywhere—highlighting the growing attention we pay to the audible. There’s a sense of identification with voices that’s creating deep bonds, making Audio Branding and Awareness essential moving forward.

Consider how customers see you and how you approach them effectively. Creating audio appeal that matches your business’ visual approach can reach a wider audience through many other forms of media…including Radio, Messages-on-Hold, Overhead Music/Messages, and a variety of digital avenues. IAP professionals can help.

Create Buzz and Get Results!

How much of an impact can a strong Audio Brand deliver? Just think about the voices, sounds, tunes, and jingles you hear every day. The ones that get stuck in your head are the ones that are working!

Here’s how your Audio Brand can work for you:

*A Dynamic Audio Identity builds devoted listenership. As potential customers become actual customers, hearing your “voice” piques interest and draws attention to any new campaign. It’s the familiarity that grabs attention initially…and interest in “what’s next” that keeps attention on you and your business.

*Creativity SELLS! Once your business approach and the attitude you want to convey are established, the skies of creativity are as vast as your marketing imagination! IAP can work with you on the actual message, wording, and style…putting the proper amplification on new products, services, and specials.

*A Sense of Urgency and Call-to-Action! The sound representing your brand can be used to generate action in multiple areas.

–In the store, that familiar, friendly voice piping in overhead can tell shoppers about something to see at the point-of-sale.

–On the radio, there’s a good chance you’re reaching an audience already out and about, eager to shop.

–On hold, captive callers can be simultaneously entertained and sold without being pushy!

Versatility and Delivery

Brand recognition with a specific voice doesn’t mean you can’t add variation to a campaign or promotion. Your customers might become acquainted with your uniform voice of choice. But using different voices, sounds, and deliveries can catch the ear…beyond “hard” and “soft” sells. Switching up the tone, cadence, speed, and even switching from a male voice to a female voice over – gets your message noticed.


Want to know more about the concept and benefits of Audio Branding? Reach out to the audio experts at IAP.