Phone Greeting

Promote a Polished, Professional Sound with IAP Phone Greetings

First impressions set the stage with how prospective clients and current customers see your business. Be sure every aspect is covered –including how you SOUND.

Professional IAP voice over greetings, messages, and prompts help your business thrive. We produce:

  • Automated Attendant (AA) Greetings
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Recordings
  • Voicemail Greetings
  • Extension Listings
  • After-Hours Messages
  • Holiday/Inclement Weather Closure Announcements
  • Multilingual Greetings

From cell phones to large business VoIP systems, IAP delivers polished, professional phone greetings across the board, enhancing your image and brand.

The Importance of Auto Attendant Greetings…Sound Great, Right out of the Gate

If your callers are initially greeted by an Automated Attendant message, that greeting requires top level professionalism. Sharpen your image with quality audio that makes callers confident they made the right choice, especially new callers. Your Auto Attendant is the first thing callers hear and making a positive impression early sets the tone for the entire call…and whether or not they call again.

There are different methods for loading Auto Attendant messages and we’ll be glad to work with you. Regardless of the loading procedure, your clear, professionally voiced greetings come with fast turnaround time and friendly delivery, and reasonable rates.

Personalized IVR and Voicemail Greetings

As callers navigate voice prompts AFTER the initial AA greeting, many phone systems offer a selection of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) options. Making that path clear and easy for callers can be challenging…IAP’s 30+ years of experience can help.

Voicing IVR “phone trees” and extension listings are part of our repertoire. We can even handle your individual Voicemail Boxes. Maintain that uniform sound in the transfer process…in between the Auto Attendant and the on-hold messaging.

Holidays and After-Hours Messages

Don’t forget to extend that great sound to greetings after hours and in other times of closure like holidays and, if applicable, when foul weather prohibits opening. Certain phone systems have specific, user-friendly capabilities for programming these types of greetings. If you don’t have your own IT personnel and aren’t sure what your phone system can do, chances are, IAP can guide you. No matter what, we can produce the audio!

Night messages and closure announcements are an essential part of the communication chain. Be sure all your bases are covered.

Total Audio Solutions through every Step of the Caller Experience

Business phone systems small to large provide that vital connection to customers, patients, prospects…and those who are calling you. With IAP, you can get a complete, competitively priced package for all your phone’s audio recording services. Or choose ala carte services to complement your Messages-on-Hold with Auto Attendant, IVR, Voicemail, and After-Hours/Closure Announcements. Get…

  • Cost-effective Services
  • Speedy Turnaround
  • Multilingual Capabilities
  • Excellent Audio

Phone Greeting FAQ

1. Can Illinois Audio load the recordings onto my phone system?
A: If your system allows for remote access loading of greetings, then yes. We will need the step-by-step instructions and passcodes to do so.

2. Can Illinois Audio record my cell phone voicemail message?
A: Yes. We need a script of your message and which voice artist you want to record that message. If you want us to load the message, IAP needs your phone number and password.

3. How much does it cost for phone greetings?
A: A few factors determine pricing: 1) Total length of the recordings. 2) Which voice artist you choose 3) Will IAP email the recordings or load the recording into your phone system.

4. What audio formats do I need?
A:That depends on your phone system. Most phone systems use Mp3 or wave files. Almost always, we can make the needed telephony format.

5. Should I use the same voice on my greetings as my message on hold recording?
A: That’s up to you. We tend to think it’s better to use different voices so callers are clear when they are on hold or still in the greeting menus.

6. Who writes the text for the greetings?
A: Generally, we ask the client to provide the text for greetings to ensure all options are listed correctly. We can always offer recommendations on grammar or wording.


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