Eye Care

Busy Optometry, Ophthalmology, and Eyewear offices are accustomed to heavy phone traffic. To ensure good customer service and a successful business, professional Messages-on-Hold recordings and Overhead Music & Message systems are essential.

IAP delivers over 30 years of experience in audio productions geared specifically for the Eye Care field. Make hold time more informative and pleasurable. Add ambiance to your waiting room, lobby, or showroom. IAP will make you sound great across the board with:

  • Messages-On-Hold
  • Overhead Music & Messages
  • Professional Phone Greetings
  • Even Radio Commercials!

Excellent voice talents, licensed music selections, and stellar script writing services are all-inclusive with IAP. We’ll help you use your audio as both informational and promotional tools covering a vast variety of topics.

  • New Laser Technology
  • Lasik Procedures
  • In-Office Treatments
  • Lenses and Contacts
  • Payment Options

These are just a few examples. We’ll show you more ways to get the most from your audio…on the phone, in the office, and over the air.

MOH that captivates Callers

What do your callers hear on-hold? Dead hold time and silence can seem excruciatingly long. Radio-on-Hold requires costly licensing fees and often includes competitors’ commercials (Even playing music over the phone off your personal device requires pricey music licensing). An informative and professionally produced Messages-on-Hold production speaks directly to callers who have already chosen YOU! Make that time count.

Even the briefest of hold times can be used efficiently. A fresh-sounding, custom scripted MOH production is ideal for:

  • Informing Callers about Doctor Credentials, Training, and Education
  • Promoting Special Offers
  • Cancellation Policy Reminders
  • Eyewear/Frames/Sunglass Promotions
  • Highlighting Turnaround Time on Lenses
  • Offering Assistance with Insurance Carriers

Make your callers’ on-hold experience a positive, pleasant time. IAP can help you get started.

Overhead Music/Messages for Waiting Rooms, Lobbies, and Showrooms

Want to create a more welcoming office environment? Consider the benefits of an IAP Overhead Music & Messages System.

You can choose from more than 60 channels of different music genres for your overhead sound…and rotate up to 4 channels. Then, add short, concise messages between songs—that talk all about you, and only you! It’s like having your own personal radio station.

IAP can help write your Overhead Messages and guide you through music options. Rotating genres at different times of the day or even changing the style every day keeps your waiting room atmosphere fresh sounding. You can even elevate the atmosphere during the Holiday Season with specialty music. See how easy a cost-effective customized format can be.

Phone Greetings Delivered Professionally

When choosing the right professional for eye care, first impressions matter! Instill a sense of confidence with polished, professional greetings throughout your phone system. The same polished voices and music callers hear on-hold can also be uniformly applied to other aspects of your phone system, including…

  • Automated Attendant Greetings
  • After-Hours and Holiday Closures
  • IVR/Voice Mail

IAP makes it easy, from copy writing and approval through audio delivery!

Radio Commercials that get RESULTS

Need to get the word out about a new location opening or special promotion? A well-produced :15, :30, or :60 second radio/satellite commercial can give you just the right exposure and IAP specializes in creative “spots.”

We start by discussing ideas and potential concepts with you and/or your marketing team. From there, IAP script writers work their magic with fine-tuned wording, then gifted voice professionals are added to the equation. Skilled studio techs complete the campaign to make your presence on the airwaves one that gets remembered…and gets RESULTS!

Total Audio Solutions

The best quality audio for the Eye Care industry…MOH, Overhead, on the phone and on the air…that’s what IAP can do for you!

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