Fast-food service to pizza take-out/delivery…gastropub to elegant fine dining…no matter what’s cooking in the kitchen, hungry customers are lining up and calling in. One thing’s for sure in the highly competitive food service and restaurant/bar industry: service has to be as great as the menu to keep customers coming back and spreading the word. Without it, diners will no doubt go elsewhere for food and drink.

Messages-on-Hold and other quality audio services can be instrumental as customer service tools AND boost revenue with timely upsells so pivotal to restaurant success. IAP works with numerous restaurants and food service establishments, building long-lasting relationships in our 30+ years in business. Our services promote your brand and image while delivering impactful calls-to-action…for an audience that’s hungry and ready to order!

In addition to results-oriented on-hold messaging, IAP Overhead Music & Message Systems and wildly creative Radio Commercials are also a great way to:

  • Promote Daily Lunch Specials
  • Upsell Desserts and Appetizers
  • Announce New Location Openings
  • Unveil New Menu Items

We’ll work with you to match audio productions with the rest of your marketing campaign.

Messages-on-Hold that speak to Hungry Callers

Every establishment works to keep hold time to a minimum. Using that critical hold time effectively can help keep customers occupied, entertained, and tuned-in to current promotions and happenings at your establishment

IAP’s experience in food-related on-hold marketing starts with scripting. Getting a MOH program that lets you change promotions frequently appeals directly to callers who have already reached out to you.

Hold time is also a prime opportunity to inform about…

  • Delivery Areas
  • Reward Programs
  • Online Ordering and Promotions
  • Menu Changes & Additions
  • Happy Hour
  • Live Entertainment

Once your MOH script is approved, you choose talented voiceover artists by name or simply select a gender. We suggest alternating male and female voices to keep caller attention and retention at its peak.

As for on-hold music, your input is welcome. You can even pick individual tracks from our stellar assortment of music styles, all licensed for replay. Another key to a successful MOH campaign: keeping the music fresh along with the on-hold messages tells repeat customers that there’s something new and juicy to sink their teeth into!

Overhead Music & Messages

Give dine-in customers something great to hear, too! A well-planned IAP Overhead Music and Messages system is a powerful option that plays an awesome variety of favorite musical styles…with subtle, short messages reflecting the same quality as your telephone messages.

Your Overhead Music system is like your own personal radio station. You choose from 60 music channels and rotate as many as 4…ideal for programming at the Holidays and when you want to match a music genre with specific promotions. Like Oldies, Jazz, Classical, and Rock from any decade.

Overhead Messages can be an effective way to remind diners and customers waiting for take-out about topics and upsells.

  • Seasonal Farm-to-Table Specials
  • Catering
  • Fun Events
  • Drink Specials

Imagine the possibilities…all being heard by good folks already through the door! One of our clients tells the history of his establishment while the customers wait to be seated. Overhead Music & Messages has many possibilities!

Creative Results-Oriented Radio Spots

Food service and radio advertising go hand-in-hand. IAP has a knack for developing creative :15, :30, and :60 second radio spots that get results! We’ll take care of the imaginative scripting and can even incorporate your jingle to reinforce branding.

IAP Radio/Satellite commercials effectively reach potential customers with timely offers, especially those on-the-go. Tap into your local demographic with a quality radio ad or a complete campaign.

Professional Phone Greetings

Need some help with Automated Attendant or After-Hours Greetings for your phone system? Do you have professionally voiced messages for Holiday or Inclement Weather Closures? Is your phone extra busy on a Friday night with take-out orders? IAP can give your restaurant a great sound, across the board.

Total Audio Solutions

Restaurants, bars, fast-serve, fine dining…IAP delivers the best in consistent quality with total audio solutions! Bon Appetit!

Restaurants On Hold

  • Brunch
  • Fine Dining
  • Holiday
  • Kosher
  • Pizza

Restaurants Commercials

  • Pizza
  • Pizza & Grill 1
  • Pizza & Grill 2

Restaurants Overhead Messages

  • Kermit & Italian
  • Len
  • Paul

Restaurants Phone Greetings

  • Eleni
  • Phil
  • Sharyn