Promote Your Business with Professional Commercials

On-air and online, a cleverly crafted commercial is a sure-fire way to draw customers and boost revenue. IAP specializes in results-driven audio with radio commercials that stand out and catch the ear of your target demographic. Local radio spots, national radio ads, satellite commercials, voiceovers for social media spots via Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo: no matter where you’re heard, IAP radio commercial production makes your business sound fantastic.

The Importance of Sounding Professional

Reaching a target audience with a radio campaign takes a certain style; and getting the best return on your media buy starts with a stand-out concept. The impression you make depends on a professional sound, one that inspires confidence and a sense of urgency. From heating, plumbing, and electrical companies to dentists, medical specialists, and veterinarians, IAP has a knack for getting your name remembered.

Which leads us to…

…Audio Branding

Just like print, TV, and other visual media, radio ads can also be instrumental in creating brand awareness. Associating a voice, jingle, or radio liner with a specific store or service gives new and repeat customers a sense of comfortable familiarity. Dodge, Motel 6, and CNN have all used that “commercial voice” to solidify brand recognition and loyalty.

:30 second Commercial vs. :60 second Commercial…which is the best option?

Both have their advantages, but the answer could be neither. Many radio commercial scripts are trending toward a shorter :15 seconds packed with a punch of valuable information. IAP can help you select the right length for your radio spot to help you get exactly what you’re paying for.

Writing a radio commercial script also takes a certain IAP flair. Delivering your vital information, cross-promotions, and upsells in memorable fashion takes experience. Want to get extra creative with the same word count? IAP experience and imagination can elevate your radio spot, getting results and creating a buzz.

Getting Results with your Radio Commercials

One distinct advantage of radio advertising? You can stress immediacy with a direct call to action. Radio ads are ideal for timely sales, event promotions, and new service announcements. Pizza promo for game day or special holiday deal? Radio spots sell.

Your target audience is likely on-the-go or catching your new campaign online, ready to buy. From a dynamic local radio spot to far-reaching Spotify commercial, IAP can put a cost-effective package together that gets real results no matter where they hear about you!

Word count for :15, :30, :60 spots

These are general guidelines for how many words are recommended for commercials.

  • :15 = 38 words
  • :30 = 75 words
  • :60 = 150 words.


To get a better idea of what IAP offers, here are radio commercial examples. We have several industry-specific radio ad samples to inspire you


  • AECU Member
  • Bank
  • Beau's Tuxedos
  • Country Bank
  • Design Women
  • Welcome
  • IVC Run on Empty
  • Restoration Open House
  • SSFA Jeopardy
  • St. Marys Hospital
  • Mercy Dubuque
  • Auto Value Parts
  • Deere Dealer
  • Hospital Colonoscopy Ad
  • Cell Wireless Radio Ad
  • Auto Parts Commercial Spanish
  • Plumbing Spot
  • Pizza Radio Commercial
  • Santa & Elf HVAC Commercial
  • Bank Spot with Bill
  • Sump Pump Ad with Ed
  • Bank Spot with Sharyn
  • Mortgage with Glenn
  • Funny Safety Tip - Paul & Sharyn