Financial Institutions

Banks, Credit Unions, and Financial Institutions are ideal candidates for IAP’s many audio services. Forward-thinking marketing can be aggressively competitive yet friendly and neighborly when produced by the right studio. IAP has over 30 years of history working with financial institutions on:

  • Messages-On-Hold
  • Overhead Music/Messages
  • Professional Phone Greetings
  • Results-Oriented Radio Commercials

Monthly, quarterly, and seasonal promotions are inherent in bank and credit union advertising. IAP offers programs geared to keep pace with frequently changing Messages-on-Hold productions, relaying the latest and greatest with a fresh on-hold sound. Inform foot traffic in the lobby about new options with easily programmed Overhead Music and Messages. And spread the word via radio. IAP has you covered at every phase.

Need some ideas? Our clients frequently advertise…

  • Home and Auto Loan Rates
  • CDs/IRAs
  • Mobile App Launches
  • Checking/Savings Account Options
  • New Location Openings

Remember, banking institutions often get repeat callers…more than many other industries. One more reason to keep MOH and Overhead Audio up-to-date and changing often, so the sound is always fresh and promoting timely details!

MOH with the proven IAP Approach

Many of our closest, long-time clients are in the banking industry. We have an understanding of the best, most appropriate ways to approach a captive, target audience patiently waiting on-hold.

A major part of that approach involves a plan that reflects your own monthly and quarterly marketing campaigns. IAP can work with your team to develop concise, timely copy. Once approved, you select specific female and male voice talents by name and even alternate them to keep callers tuned in.

The hold music also plays a big part in the overall MOH experience. The IAP library has an extraordinary selection of licensed music tracks and genres to keep new productions as fresh as the copy.

Financial institutions have an incredible opportunity to make hold time productive. The myriad of products and services offered are perfect for expressing in short, effective MOH spots. Here are just a few:

  • Commercial Lending
  • Online Banking
  • Investment Products
  • Fraud/Identity Theft Protection
  • Savings Tips
  • Graduate Accounts
  • Smart Money Youth Accounts

Nobody wants to be on-hold. IAP can help make the experience pleasant and useful.

Overhead Music & Messages for the Lobby

Overhead Music and Messages can give busy foot traffic in the lobby the same quality audio experience that telephone hold messages deliver for callers. You can use a similar approach with continually changing promotions and enjoyable background music that enhances the personal banking experience.

IAP can write the messages that play between songs at appropriate intervals– seamlessly mixing with an impressive selection of music tracks and genres. Choose from more than 60 overhead music channels and rotate up to 4, easily pre-programmed for certain days or times. This “personal radio station” option is especially complementary at Holiday-time and when you need to match a promotion with a certain type of tune.

Polished Phone Greetings

Customers choose you to safeguard their money and financial interests. Give them a sense of confidence, every time they call. A professional phone greeting starts with your initial Automated Attendant greeting. IAP specializes in Auto Attendant recordings as well as Holiday/After-Hours/Inclement Weather messages.

IAP can also accommodate larger financial institutions with an extensive IVR system and multiple extensions—giving a uniform, professional voiceover through every facet of the phone system.

Attention-Grabbing Radio Spots

Make your next radio campaign stand out! IAP specializes in creative :15, :30, and :60 second radio commercials. Our copy writers, voice talents, music, and studio techs can make your radio/satellite ads pop…getting solid, measurable results.

With IAP handling the production, you can also save money on your media buy. Get more bang for your advertising buck. Radio is a great way to reach your local area with timely info.

  • Grand Openings
  • Customer Appreciation Events
  • Public Outreach

When you need to get the word out, talk to IAP about the audio.

Total Audio Solutions

Financial Institutions are prime venues for IAP solutions in Message on Hold, Overhead Music & Messages, professional Phone Greetings, and results-oriented Radio Commercials. Experience our quality!

Financial On Hold

  • Cathy
  • Christi
  • Doug
  • Ed
  • Eleni
  • Len & Cathy
  • Liz
  • Marty
  • Moe & Bob
  • Paul

Financial Commercials

  • Bill
  • Glenn
  • Len
  • Len & Sharyn
  • Sharyn
  • Sharyn & Dan

Financial Overhead Messages

  • Len

Financial Phone Greetings

  • Allison - Spanish
  • Buffy
  • Christi
  • Eleni
  • Sharyn

Financial eLearning

  • Doug
  • Len
  • Bill