Scriptwriting services

Professional Audio Scriptwriting

Scriptwriting for audio is much different than writing for print media/advertising. Your audience must grasp your message in the moment. Sometimes, the most effective message is the shortest!  At IAP, our scriptwriting specialties cover MOH and overhead messages…phone greetings and explainer videos…radio and satellite commercials…and informative narration.

On Hold

With callers parked on hold, every word of your MOH counts because you never know when that call will get picked up. Scriptwriting for maximum impact requires a specific skill set and IAP excels! Whether your hold time averages 30 seconds or five minutes, our copywriting expertise can make that experience more interesting, pleasurable, entertaining, and profitable! Do you run monthly promotions? Want to relay information from a blog or newsletter? Upsell and inform? We’re glad to write your on-hold script…one that gets results!


Add some “pop” to your overhead music system with in-store upsells, cross-promotions, and special events. Your customers are already right there and eager to buy. Help show them sales and bargains they might not know about. IAP can gear scriptwriting specifically for this niche medium, creating a buzz that gets results at the point-of-sale with direct calls to action. Your overhead messages can be programmed at appropriate intervals to your preferred timing.

Phone Greetings

Need to help callers navigate through your phone system’s Automated Attendant, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) greetings, and personnel listing? Creating succinct, professional phone greetings is another strong part of our repertoire. We know how to make your callers feel welcome – before you even personally talk to them! Put yourself in your callers’ shoes and don’t neglect the importance of professional audio consistency across every branch of your phone tree.

Explainer Videos

The popularity of audio books and online tutorials continues to rise. From the classroom to corporate training, the smart approach begins with a script that engages and informs. Remember that even the slickest finished production can suffer if the copy isn’t the best. IAP can work with you and create a script that brings your subject matter to life in a voice that speaks directly to a captivated audience.

Radio & Satellite Commercials

With a solid radio background, IAP’s been well-known for creative, results-driven radio commercials from the day our studio first hit the “record” button. Reaching a select audience via radio and satellite commercials takes a solid concept, vivid imagination, and stellar scriptwriting to bring the concept together. Stand out and express crucial selling points in :15, :20, :30, or :60 second spots…we’ll make you sound great!


The art of storytelling is alive and well with IAP handling the narration! From your next YouTube video to podcast and e-learning/CBT projects, we can help develop a script to match. Make your launch a major success and start by asking for IAP narration scriptwriting assistance. You always get final approval and your level of involvement in the creative process is entirely up to you!