Voice Over

Powerful “Win-Win” Relationships

Over the years, IAP has developed several well-established partnerships with Phone and IT Vendors, advertising agencies, computer programmers, and other specialists. This enables us to provide value-added services as we work hand-in-hand with these professionals. Our team’s multi-faceted experience in a broad cross-section of industries delivers a sharp advantage, from gathering ideas and writing to voicing, music selection, and final direct delivery.

Digital Recording Specialists for Business Telecom Needs

We’ve worked hard to earn a reputation for reliability with our Telecom Partners in the Phone/IT arena. IAP delivers industry-leading quality in Messages-on-Hold productions, Auto Attendant greetings, and IVR prompts with timely turnaround.

Partners know they can count on IAP for perfectly executed audio and professionalism through every phase of the process. Service and programs can also be customized.

Creative Marketing Minds

IAP skills are not confined to telephonic productions. Our creativity gives advertising agencies and marketing firms an edge in areas like commercial production, podcasts, and various forms of web audio and soundtracks. Our experience adds insight, making IAP an invaluable partner.

Mastering the Technology of Today and Tomorrow

Always with an eye on rapidly changing technology, IAP invites new partnerships with niche specialty interests like e-Learning Developers, Virtual PBX Developers, personal device App designers, and Business Telephone Manufacturers. If you’re developing software for a new e-Learning program, IAP can voice the program for you. If you’re more on the hardware side in Virtual PBX development and/or manufacturing, partner with IAP for exceptional audio.


Interested in becoming a Partner with IAP? Send inquiries to info@illinoisaudio.com or call Brian Filippi 866-427-8642