Overhead Music

Your Personalized Overhead Music System

Blending overhead music with motivating messages can be powerfully effective when it comes to boosting revenue. Our systems deliver vast, flexible, customizable options that effectively entertains customers AND informs them at the same time. We help you create a custom radio sound for your customers. With IAP’s superb mood music and subtle messaging by professional voices, your business’s ambience reflects your dedication to customer satisfaction.

Overhead Background Music

With over 90 channels of music for business and thousands of songs available, your rotation can keep customers and staff engaged without hearing the same thing over and over again. Plus, you have crazy cool features at your fingertips!

You can select your music channel, adjust the volume or trigger an overhead announcement right from your smartphone. Simply scan the QR code and the app pops up. Save it to your favorites and future changes are a breeze.

Specific days and hours can feature different genres. For example, play 80’s music on Saturdays, 70’s music at lunchtime, and timely background music for the holidays.

Need selections geared more for a professional or medical office? A salon or spa? Repair shop waiting area? Your overhead music system can be easily programmed with tasteful music. Plus, all the music is licensed so you don’t have to worry about copyright fees.

Click here to listen to samples of channels & music.

Overhead Music & Messages

Why add announcements to your background music? Consider the fact that customers have already made that important step through your doors. Reward their effort by providing an interesting and comfortable atmosphere…and reward your efforts by including custom messages to your overhead music system. This “personalized radio station” will inform browsing customers and/or waiting clients about in-store promos.

Thoughtfully spaced, appropriately times messages throughout the overhead music can deliver immediate results at the point-of sale!

Overhead Players

Overhead music systems are affordable and simple to use. Each player has it’s own QR code and can be controlled via a smartphone app.

Connecting to the internet, your “business radio” contains onboard memory and keeps playing, even if internet connection is lost. Getting started is easy.

Click here for more details on our IAPStream player.

Overhead Messages Scriptwriting

If you want your overhead music system simply for mood music or waiting room music, we can help. However, if you want to incorporate promotional messages that increase profits, we’ll take care of the writing for you. We have plenty of experience creating professional messages that mix perfectly with business background music.

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Overhead Messaging Samples

  • Antique Mall
  • Bally's
  • Flooring
  • Restaurant
  • Volo Auto Museum