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Large HVAC providers to small/medium sized Plumbing and Electrical companies have one thing in common: high demand & heavy phone traffic When hold time becomes inevitable, give callers a quality Messages-on-Hold recording that informs, entertains, and sells. IAP’s 30+ years of experience can help convert dead hold time into productive time with effective messages and appealing music, both easy on the ear and memorable!

Cross-promotions and upsells go hand-in-hand with IAP’s MOH approach as well as other top-flight audio services like professional Phone Greetings, Radio Commercials, and Overhead Music/Messages. Consider the prime opportunities to promote:

  • Name Brand Plumbing and HVAC Equipment
  • Preventative Maintenance Agreements
  • Emergency Service
  • Rapid Response Times
  • Energy Star/Factory Rebates
  • SEER Ratings
  • Electrical Retrofitting

These are just a few ideas and IAP can help you get started with a complete turnkey solution. We’ll work with you and/or your marketing team to keep audio productions current with your ad campaigns…and sounding polished!

Messages-on-Hold that get RESULTS

When callers reach out, what do they hear? Solid on-hold messaging can be used to inform with short easy-to-remember spots. As a sales tool, MOH delivers an immediate call-to-action with customers who have already expressed interest in you. If you run monthly or seasonal specials, include them in your MOH plan to get direct, measurable results!

IAP can help set up a custom MOH program to fit your needs. Our variety of stellar voice talents, excellent music selections, and impeccable copy writing services make the process easy. And the same way your customers expect speedy service, IAP also offers fast turnaround on exceptional MOH audio.

Cost-effective and flexible, messages-on-hold are an ideal way to convey things like:

  • Certifications that assure Customers
  • Holiday Hours and Tips
  • Installation Discounts
  • Generator Sales

Once your script has been written and approved, you can also select female and male voice talents and music by genre or specific tracks. We also suggest alternating male and female voices in your on-hold messages. That keeps caller attention at its peak!

As for the music, our library has a huge selection of licensed music tracks and styles to choose from.

Professional Phone Greetings

In addition to your Messages-on-Hold, IAP also specializes in other aspects of phone recording. Give your callers a professional image through every phase of each transaction with:

  • Automated Attendant Greetings
  • After-Hours Messages
  • Holiday Closures
  • IVR Recordings
  • Voice Mail Greetings

Consider the benefits of a polished, uniform sound across the board. An all-inclusive IAP package makes it a bargain and we’ll help with writing and programming advice to make sure you’re getting the best results.

Radio Commercials that Count

How do new HVAC/Plumbing customers find you? Chances are, they have choices in the area and the best way to stand out is through innovative advertising and exposure. Enter IAP’s strong background in radio commercial production. We’re experts when it comes to getting the word out with creative :15, :30, and :60 second radio spots.

We’ll work with you on the initial concept and develop a script that delivers impact in concise, memorable fashion. Radio/Satellite commercials are a great avenue for reaching potential customers with timely offers and opportunities.

Get more for your advertising dollar with IAP handling the radio commercial production.

Overhead Music & Messages

If you have a showroom or larger facility, an Overhead Music system makes a perfect match. You can choose from 60 music channels and rotate as many as 4 for a nearly infinite combination of tracks and styles. Want to add Overhead Messages? IAP writers will develop short, punchy messages to intersperse between songs at various intervals or at specific times of the day.

It’s like your own “personal radio station” and delivers a nice touch to complement certain promotions and the Holiday Season.

Total Audio Solutions

See why HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Contractors choose IAP for total audio solutions in MOH, professional Phone Greetings, Radio Commercials, and Overhead Music & Messages.

HVAC/Plumbing On Hold

  • Ed
  • Lance
  • Len
  • Marty
  • Moe
  • Sharyn
  • Steve
  • Tanya

HVAC/Plumbing Commercials

  • Bob
  • Ed
  • Santa

HVAC/Plumbing Phone Greetings

  • Cathy
  • Len
  • Marty
  • Phil