Music on hold

Professional Licensed Music – specifically for YOU!

What’s the right tunes for your music on hold? Choosing appropriate music for your captive on-hold audience is important for several reasons. Music serves as an entertaining transition during the intervals between your messages-on-hold voiceovers. It keeps time passing more pleasantly for callers. And it’s all professionally licensed, specifically for your use.

With IAP, you can have total decision-making control over specific music choices or simply leave it to our studio techs, highly experienced in matching music-on-hold to caller demographics. Either way, it’s easy.

Music Library – Great Selections

IAP has music from many genres. Individual music tracks from our vast library are geared specifically for professional on hold productions.

Smooth Jazz and Easy Listening has a broad appeal to a wider audience. However, your music-on-hold options run much deeper…like Oldies for a specific promotion, Patriotic music for Independence Day, and holiday favorites. From Big Band and Dixieland to Rock, Swing, and Techno, we have music tracks for every taste and promotional scenario.

Country, Lite Rock, and Classical music are also popular favorites. When choosing hold music for your business, be sure to remember that your personal music preference might not be the same as your on-hold callers. Your hold music is an important component of audio branding, and we’ll help ensure it reflects your business’ professionalism and image.

Music Bed Selections

Keep it FRESH

If you have frequent repeat callers, chances are, they will get accustomed to your music-on-hold quickly. Keeping your music updated and fresh helps keep callers tuned-in. Keeping your music and messages fresh is an audible cue there’s something new to hear. This helps point attention to new messages-on-hold containing news about your business, sales, seasonal promotions, and cross-selling opportunities.

IAP music beds typically run between two and four minutes of instrumental music, without vocals so there’s no distraction or clashing with messages-on-hold voiceovers. Choosing one or two music tracks will suffice for a complete on-hold production, and keeping the rotation flowing with frequent on-hold changes makes your MOH investment that much more effective.

Licensing – No Fees, No Fines

In case you didn’t know, using music from your personal device, satellite music, and radio for your on-hold without paying licensing fees can subject you to costly fines from licensing agencies like ASCAP, SCSAC and BMI. However, you never have to worry about this with on-hold service from IAP. Our complete music-on-hold library is 100% licensed specifically for use in commercials, presentations, videos, and telephone on hold.

Music Flexibility and Versatility

Whether complementing messages-on-hold underneath the voiceovers or delivering toe-tapping entertainment in the intervals, IAP has the perfect sound with a broad cross-section of styles. That’s just the start. We can also help you with overhead music, radio commercials, and background music beds for online videos and e-narration.

Total access to a nearly endless combination of selections means your music-on-hold never gets stale or repetitive. Listen to our demos and get an idea of all we offer.

Music Bed Selections