Body Shop Auto Repair

Automotive Repair Centers and Body Shops are always busy, keeping phone lines hopping and waiting rooms bustling. Delivering a positive customer experience helps develop that all-important base of devoted repeat customers…and IAP can help you reach them with quality audio in a variety of ways.

On the phone or at the shop, give your target audience important information they can use. IAP can make you sound great with cost-effective programs in:

  • Messages-On-Hold
  • Overhead Music/Messages
  • Phone Greetings
  • Radio Commercials

Treat your customers to pleasant audio and promote specials, new services, and upcoming events. Do it right with the IAP approach and get profitable results. It’s an effective, direct way to talk up your finer points! For example, you can promote…

  • Towing Service
  • A New Paint Booth
  • Help with Insurance Claims
  • Monthly Specials

Remember, your target audience is made up of customers who have either called you or walked through your door. They’re already interested…tell ‘em what else you do and how you can help them. IAP can help with over 30 years of experience.

MOH that Delivers Informational AND Promotional Power

At hard working Body Shops and Auto Repair locations, phone traffic is typically heavy. With the combination of new customer inquiries and status updates for jobs in-progress, hold time is bound to happen. Even short hold-time can seem long if left in silence and downright annoying with radio, which also requires costly licensing fees.

Instead, use that hold time to your advantage. Seize the opportunity with ear-friendly messages-on-hold, crafted by our writers to inspire a captive audience.

  • Concise
  • Memorable
  • Immediate Calls-to-Action

Mixed with quality, licensed instrumental music from a wide selection of styles and genres, your callers’ on-hold experience can be a pleasant one…yet one more way to keep customers coming back!

Not sure what to talk about? Don’t worry. IAP can help you with ideas. We have an easy-to-fill-in questionnaire that makes sure your hold messages include the important aspects of your business.

Overhead Music/Messages for Waiting Areas

Duplicate that same crystal clear MOH audio in your Overhead Music and Messages System. It’s one more detail that accentuates the overall customer experience…and a direct way to relay key info about special promotions, big events, and timely news. IAP can write the drop-in spots, programmed at subtle intervals.

Think of Overhead Music like your own personal radio station! You have more than 60 channel selections from an impressive variety of genres. Plus, you can rotate up to 4 overhead music channels and program them to play at different times. From 60’s Saturday to Holiday music, IAP Overhead Music and Messages makes the waiting area experience much more pleasant and positive!

Phone Greetings

What makes customers choose you over the competition? Every edge counts and that goes for the first impression you make on your callers. Beyond your messages-on-hold, give your callers that same high level of professionalism across your phone system.

IAP can record your Auto Attendant and After-Hours greetings, as well as individual voice mail boxes and IVR messages. It’s a terrific way to achieve a more uniform sound through every aspect of every call…with professional phone greetings!

Radio Commercials

Get the word out! Consider a dynamic radio spot or complete campaign, crafted to perfection in the IAP studio. We’re well-versed in radio commercial production. Satellite spots, too. Put our 30+ years of experience into radio spots that sell. For your approval, our copy writers create 15, 30, and 60 second radio spots for any number of topics.

  • New Location Openings
  • Emergency Collision Assistance
  • Special Service Promotions

These are just a few!

Total Audio Solutions

Specialty audio geared for your valued customers…IAP makes it happen with industry leading MOH, Overhead Music & Messages, professional Phone Greetings, and results-oriented Radio Commercials. Give your business the experienced, professional IAP touch!

Body Shop and Auto Repair On Hold

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  • Auto Body
  • Auto Parts
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Body Shop and Auto Repair Commercials

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  • Auto Parts (Spanish)
  • Auto Body Commercial

Body Shop and Auto Repair Overhead Messages

  • Auto Museum

Body Shop and Auto Repair Phone Greetings

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