New technology, less-invasive procedures, sedation techniques, contests, specials…Through audio marketing and advertising, IAP helps promote everything at your dental office. We ensure your messages appeal to new and returning patients while also encouraging referrals.

Illinois Audio offers many audio specialties for dental practices, including:

  • Messages-On-Hold
  • Overhead Music/Messages
  • Phone Greetings
  • Radio Commercials

Our audio expertise gives you a stronger array of marketing tools. Cross-promote specialties for callers who likely already know you. Many of our clients in the dental field get great results promoting:

  •  Implants
  •  Invisalign
  •  Cosmetic Procedures
  •  Digital X-rays
  •  Whitening
  •  Payment Options

Messages-on-Hold is a perfect way to tell callers about everything from office policies to sedation dentistry. We know how to help promote your business–IAP’s experience with dental-specific MOH spans more than 30 years.

MOH that pleases and informs patients

Hold time is inevitable at any dental office, even if it’s short. A quality MOH production can turn that dead hold time into an informative, entertaining experience. When your front office staff is helping a patient at the window or on another line, on-hold audio makes that wait speed by more personably. On-hold messages basically serve as a secondary office assistant!

Want to inform new patients about online forms that help them save time on their initial consultation? How about kids’ contests on social media and patient portals through your website? Your messages-on-hold are a good way to tell about less invasive procedures with faster recovery time. On-hold messages relay vital info to callers already on the line. We can get started promoting your office and practice today.

Overhead Music/Messages for Waiting Areas

That same polished IAP sound playing on-hold can also be utilized in other areas of your practice, especially the waiting room. Don’t let anxious patients suffer in hushed silence or annoy them with radio- everybody prefers different stations and you could end up playing a competitor’s commercial! An Overhead Music and Messages system from IAP is like having YOUR OWN “personal radio station” geared specifically for your waiting area. It’s a tasteful, subtle way to tell patients about the little extras you offer with a calm tone and pleasant background music.

Start with your Overhead Music choices from more than 60 channels. IAP will write and record the messages for you…with your welcome input, of course. Short, effective overhead messages are then programmed at comfortable listening intervals. Not sure what you want to talk about? Don’t worry, we’ll be glad to guide you.

Another nice benefit? You can rotate up to 4 overhead music channels and program specific genres to play at different times. This customizable format is ideal for focused marketing and special holiday announcements.

Phone Greetings

Make a great first impression every time your phone rings. Giving your practice a professionally voiced phone greeting is important because patients want to feel secure and confident they’ve chosen the right dentist. IAP delivers that polished sound throughout your phone system’s Auto Attendant greetings and IVR. Add a uniform sound beyond your messages-on-hold with professional phone greetings!

Radio Campaigns

Want to reach a wider audience and draw new patients to your door? Yes, dentists do advertise on radio and satellite music channels. IAP specializes in recording and producing Radio/Satellite Commercials. Our copy writers can create 15, 30, and 60 second radio spots specifically for:

  • Family Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Orthodontists
  • Periodontists
  • Endodontists

Total Audio Solutions

Superior quality audio for your valued patients…MOH, Overhead, on the phone and on the air: Give your practice the experienced, professional IAP approach!

Dental On Hold

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  • Marty
  • Multiple Voices
  • Steve & Whitney
  • Christi
  • Eleni
  • Len
  • Liz

Dental Commercials

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Dental – Overhead Messages

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Dental Phone Greetings

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