Park Districts

Park Districts play an integral part in the community fabric with an immense variety of events and activities to talk about. Continual rotation of timely promotions makes any Park District an excellent candidate for IAP Messages-on-Hold service and other audio specialties, including professional Phone Greetings, Overhead Music Systems, and even Radio Commercials.

IAP gives you 30+ years of audio expertise with a specialty in Park District Telephone On Hold. We produce quality on-hold messaging—with many of our park district clients freshening their messages every month. Here are just a few topics typically covered.

  • Special Community Events
  • Park/Pavilion Rentals
  • Fitness Classes
  • Kids Camps
  • Senior Activities
  • Road Trips to Entertainment Events/Educational Field Trips
  • Holiday Events
  • Online Quarterly/Seasonal Flyers and Guides
  • Volunteer Opportunities

MOH Expertise

Needless to say, Park Districts have plenty of timely topics to discuss. If you don’t have a writer on staff, IAP script writers are here to help. We know how to gear messages-on-hold copy concisely and directly to a captive on-hold audience, informing and promoting your wide variety of events. Just guide us to the topics you want covered from month to month and we’ll do the rest! Most Park Districts refer our writers to seasonal flyers published on District websites. Keeping MOH fresh for callers who have already reached out is a proven way to build excitement and participation.

Once a script is approved, MOH clients pick from our excellent selection of professional voice talents and entertaining instrumental music tracks. Or simply choose by music style. Our studio techs will mix an excellent final production that will impress and inform your community audience.

The keys to successful results in Park District on-hold marketing?

  • Short, Conversational Messages
  • Timely Promotions
  • Appropriate, Pleasant Music
  • Updating Material Consistently

Partnering with IAP on a cost-effective MOH program is an easy process that is sure to give callers a pleasant experience all while telling about the assortment of fun activities for kids and adults. Don’t let hold time drag in silence or annoy with radio. IAP messages-on-hold are the perfect match and all our music is licensed—so you don’t have to worry about fees or fines.

Phone Greetings

Don’t stop with MOH alone. With IAP, Park District phone systems can have that same polished, uniform sound throughout.

  • Automated Attendant Greetings
  • After-Hours and Holiday Closure Announcements
  • IVR Messaging
  • Extension Listings

Make every detail count. Adding a professional sound to phone greetings is less costly than you might think and easily produced for valued Park District clients.

Overhead Music & Messages

All the locations and facilities within Park Districts can provide key opportunities for Overhead Music and Message Systems. Our Overhead Music is almost like your Park District having its own radio station…but better! With over 60 different channel choices and the capability to program up to 4 at a time in rotation, it’s a great way to entertain visitors at any/all of your facilities. You can even match different styles to different times of the year, and even different genres rotating throughout the day.

Just imagine the possibilities!

  • Spooky Music for a Halloween Haunted House
  • 50’s/60’s Music for a Car Rally or Sock Hop
  • Instrumental Tunes for the Holidays
  • Matching Tunes to Exhibits/Displays
  • Kids Music during a Birthday Celebration at a rented pavilion
  • Teen Music at your Summer Teen Pool Party
  • Family Fun tunes while waiting for Family Movie Night

Overhead Music enhances the atmosphere. AND Overhead Messages (prewritten, recorded, & produced by IAP) can be added between songs –promoting the next basketball tournament or kids’ art class. These non-intrusive messages can be seamlessly added for a natural, “personal radio,” listening experience. Adding overhead messages at  Park Districts venues is great way to spread the word about what’s happening and what you’re offering in the near future.

Radio Spots

When it’s time to spread the word throughout the community about upcoming events, radio advertising remains an effective, direct approach…and IAP can help your radio campaign succeed! Our writers can create :15, :30, and :60 second spots with a straight sell or something wildly imaginative!

Radio commercial production doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Just ask IAP.

Total Audio Solutions

Excellent quality and total audio solutions. See and hear how IAP can bring your community awareness to another level with Park District MOH, Overhead Music and Messages, Phone Greetings, and Radio Commercials.

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