Veterinary clinics and animal hospitals are busier than ever these days…busy with walk-in traffic and busy answering the phone. Animal ownership and the pet industry is on the rise, making veterinary demand even higher. IAP has 30+ years of experience working with vets, providing a valuable link to pet owners through a variety of audio channels. That expertise and sound quality shows especially in:

  • Messages-on-Hold (MOH)
  • Professional Phone Greetings (IVR/Auto Attendant/After-Hours)
  • Overhead Music & Messages for Waiting Areas
  • Radio/Satellite Commercials

Veterinary professionals are devoted to animal care…and animal lovers are equally devoted to their veterinarian like a family doctor. Speaking directly through MOH and overhead systems can be a vitally valuable tool of communication. Adding professional polish to phone greetings tells callers they made the right choice. And a clever radio campaign with IAP’s creative approach is a great way to reach new prospects.

MOH that Informs and Promotes

On-Hold Messaging is a proven way to turn inactive hold time into productive and even entertaining time. Silence leaves callers feeling abandoned and restless. Radio (and songs from personal devices) requires expensive licensing. A quality custom messages-on-hold recording is a definitive solution and great opportunity to relay information to an audience already reaching out! Tell them about…

  • Wellness Plans
  • Flea & Tick Prevention
  • Boarding Options
  • Microchipping
  • Seasonal Animal Health Tips
  • Dental Care
  • New Laser Technology Options for Faster Recovery
  • Grooming
  • Online Shopping

These are just a few suggestions where MOH gets results. Recognizing that the audience is waiting on-hold, IAP has a solid approach to reach them, including targeted copy writing, incredible voice talents, and excellent music options, licensed specifically for telephone on hold use.

We only need a few general ideas to get scripting started, often distilling information from your website and any marketing materials you want included. Signing up for a program that offers flexible changes on a quarterly basis (or more frequently!) can keep on-hold messaging and marketing fresh and up to date. Making your MOH production timely only adds to its effectiveness.

Besides on-hold script approval, you can choose specific voice artists by name and music selections by track…from a powerful variety of styles and genres.

Professional Phone Greetings

That same level of audio excellence heard on-hold can also apply to other aspects of the phone system. Automated Attendant greetings, for example, should be as polished as possible to reassure callers from the initial answer that your office it competent and you’re your business is qualified—that first impression tell a lot.

Phone systems with programmable after-hours, holiday/inclement weather closure, and emergency announcements can also benefit from IAP audio.

Larger clinics and hospitals with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prompts and extension listings are also prime candidates for IAP audio services. Give your phone system a polished and uniform sound through every phase—making your callers’ experience as smooth as possible.

Overhead Music & Messages for Waiting Areas

Creating a soothing environment is key to veterinarian offices. Even with separate feline and canine waiting areas, helping pets stay calm can be challenging. With an IAP Overhead Music and Messages System, you can help ease both pets and their guardians with soothing music.

Should you choose to add messages to your Overhead Music, they play between songs at non-intrusive intervals. Pass along vaccination reminders and other immediate calls-to-action that might apply while the pet is there.

  • Pet Adoption Rallies
  • Fundraisers
  • Customer Appreciation Events
  • New Location Grand Openings
  • Expansion of Equine/Livestock Services

You can choose from over 60 channels of music in a wide variety of genres to keep the rotation sounding fresh without repetition. As many as 4 channels can be programmed to play at specific times…a nice touch when office staff likes a variety of different music AND when the holidays come around you can keep the atmosphere current.

Creative Radio Spots

Reach your local radio audience with clever, creative, memorable commercials. IAP  expertise includes distinguished radio commercials in :15, :30, and :60 second spots.

The information you are giving in your overhead music/messages program can also be sued for a dynamic radio announcements—this time reaching a wider audience with IAP radio/satellite spots.

Total Audio Solutions

Consider total audio solutions geared for animal lovers and veterinary practices alike!  MOH, Overhead, on the phone and on the air…give your practice the experienced, professional IAP approach!

Veterinarians On Hold

  • Buffy
  • Cathy & Len
  • Lance
  • Len
  • Liz
  • Phil
  • Sharyn
  • Steve & Marty

Veterinarians Commercials

  • Cathy