The important connection between patient and physician simply cannot be understated …and sometimes, it’s literally a matter of life and death. From family doctors and medical specialists to an entire hospital network, reliance on the phone is paramount. IAP has over 30 years of experience in this specialized type of audio…especially Messages-on-Hold and Phone Greetings.

We work with a broad cross-section of medical professionals, covering multiple specialties.

  • Cardiology
  • Radiography
  • Family Medicine
  • ENT
  • Oncology
  • Neurology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics

These are just a few areas where MOH expertise has been a success. In addition to quality on-hold messaging, many physician offices and medical clinics also collaborate with IAP for Overhead Music and Messages, professional Phone Greetings, and Radio Commercial productions.

Our experienced approach to audio production gives you a polished, professional, and clear sound to your all-important patient base. IAP understands the importance of that patient relationship and we aim to make every avenue of audio production a reflection of your professionalism and caring.

MOH that speaks directly to Patients

Busy phone traffic and some amount of hold time is inevitable. Even the most efficient front office staff can get overwhelmed with patients at the window and phone lines hopping. Larger facilities and phone banks with multiple extensions often face longer hold times. Long or short, that hold time can become productive, informative, and even entertaining. MOH can serve as another office assistant.

What do other medical offices and physicians share in their hold messages?  Good question.

  • Online Portals
  • Allergy Prevention
  • Cosmetic Procedure Promotions
  • Back-to-School Physicals/Immunizations
  • Billing/Insurance Assistance
  • Doctor Credentials
  • Office Policies

Want to inform patients about new technology, office procedures, health tips, and prescription refill options? Give your callers the information they need in the perfect forum: Messages-on-Hold.

Our script writers are skillful at creating copy geared for the ear. All we need are a few basics to get started. Script turnaround for your approval is usually done with 24-hour turnaround and you can pick specific voiceover talents and music tracks. Alternating male and female voices in your MOH is especially effective when it comes to holding caller attention. Plus, your music is licensed and instrumental for a more pleasant caller experience.

Overhead Music & Messages for Waiting Areas and Medical Centers

Beyond the hold button, IAP’s crystal clear audio can also be integral in other parts of your facility. Common waiting areas can be greatly enhanced with the addition of an Overhead Music system. Brief but important Overhead Messages can also “drop-in” at unobtrusive, comfortable intervals between songs. That same MOH quality can also apply overhead and, like on-hold marketing, IAP makes the process easy!

Start with the vast selection of music possibilities…over 60 channels in a huge variety of genres. That helps keep the rotation fresh sounding without the repetition. As many as 4 channels can be programmed to play at specific times of the day or week. It’s a nice touch, especially around the Holidays. Or, use it for specialty purposes—like playing a lullaby after each baby is born at the hospital.

As for the messages, we’re experts at creating short, memorable copy that informs waiting patients about important aspects of your practice, new doctors, lab hours, other locations, and more.

Professional Phone Greetings

Don’t overlook the finer details of caller attention. From the initial impression when the phone is answered to the path callers take in transfer, IAP offers expertise in all areas of audio production…not just messages-on-hold. We can also help with:

  • Automated Attendant Greetings
  • After-Hours and Holiday Closure Announcements
  • IVR Messaging
  • Extension Listings

Give your phone system a uniform sound through every station of every call.

Radio Commercials

The most efficient way to reach the public? Radio advertising—which can include satellite radio—is an ideal way to showcase community involvement and promote a practice.

Put IAP’s commercial production proficiency to work. Our writers take your copy points and use them to create ear-catching :15, :30, and :60 second spots that command attention. Reach a wider audience, draw new patients to your door, and bring the community together for special fundraising events, 5K runs, and charity benefits…just a few ideas.

Total Audio Solutions

Total audio solutions for all your valued patients and callers…MOH, Overhead, on the phone and on the air…that’s IAP!

Physicians On Hold

  • Cathy
  • Eleni
  • Jane
  • Liz
  • Marty
  • Tanya
  • Bill & Cathy 1
  • Bill & Cathy 2
  • British - Angela
  • British - Rebecca

Physicians Commercials

  • Buffy
  • Cathy
  • Eleni
  • Tanya and Client Testimonials

Physicians Overhead Messages

  • Cathy

Physicians Phone Greetings

  • Moe
  • Sharyn
  • Spanish - Simone
  • Tanya
  • Christi