Tips for Effective copy writing and winning solution beyond audio

There’s a style and method of attack when it comes to writing copy for the ear, and if you’ve been with Illinois Audio Productions for any length of time, you’ve likely seen, heard, and/or experienced the different nuances.  Audio copywriting is very different than standard print copy because the intended audience never gets to actually read it.  Colorful phrasing and pertinent points must be expressed quickly and succinctly – meaning the number of words to get a print across must be minimal.

We’ve learned a few tricks along the way and even though “Audio” IS our middle name at IAP, our skills in marketing go beyond the magic we create in our studio.  Do you have pictures and graphics laid out for a new tri-fold brochure…just need help with the copy?  Unveiling a new product line and want to introduce it with a press release?  Unhappy with the number of internet “hits” the blogs are getting on your website?  These are just a few areas where you might consider recruiting the writing services of IAP.

While some areas of print advertising in newspapers and Yellow Pages have become increasingly passé, new wrinkles in technology have opened several other avenues to reach your audience, especially online.  If you’re putting together an informative “how to” video to give customers a hand using a new device, a well-constructed “story board” makes your video easy to understand and avoids extraneous information that causes the viewer/customer to tune out.

For example, if you sell home security products and have had a recently successful rush on a new Smart Home system, there’s a great chance your customers may not remember just how to program it or use it to the best potential.  This could result in a lot of technical phone time monopolizing your sales staff, who suddenly find they’re re-explaining every feature.  But a well thought out video can show visually, step-by-step, every advantage and nuance of that system (how to program locks, thermostats, home electronics, sprinkler systems…you get the idea).  It reinforces the purchase and lets the user go through the tutorial at his or her own speed.  Picture the possibilities…from heavy duty track part sales to high-tech tutorials in medical supply.

As business needs change, have you found yourself wishing you could simply tweak what your own website says about your operation?  This is a situation frequently encountered by organizations that no longer use the original web designer who set up their online presence in the first place…most likely some time ago.  Since not everyone is a web design wizard, even cosmetic text changes can be problematic.  Chances are, you do have the knowledge, ability, and the power to alter your online presence to spotlight a featured special or service.  But what to say about that highlighted product?  Leave it to the pros at IAP.

No doubt, it’s more of a visual world than ever with the advent of popular digital signage and specialty items like vehicle wraps.  So what do you want to say that will separate you from the pack?  You already have the answer right at your disposal.  Trust the experts at IAP to give your message some pop no matter what form of media you’re using.  If it’s a series of short headliners for a digital sign or banner on your delivery fleet, you’re covered.  Press releases, brochures, fliers, and e-mail blasts?  Check.  YouTube video or website content?  Leave it to IAP.  We have the whole language at our command…and so do you.