Audio Productions for Non-English Applications

Domestically and globally, doing business more effectively in a diverse market can take a multilingual approach. VOIP connectivity can link continents by pressing a simple extension and communicating professionally makes a huge difference in multiple areas – including sales, customer service, B-to-B marketing, and audio recordings for phone systems.

IAP can help. Our recording capabilities extend to a wide variety of languages for all kinds of different applications. Of course, Messages-on-Hold (MOH) productions are a specialty. Additionally, our multilingual voice options are popular choices for radio commercials, promotional videos, and e-learning modules. Overhead Messaging for in-person customers and guests, too.

Besides on-hold announcements, voicing is also available for other aspects of phone systems. Automated attendant greetings? Check. IVR trees? No problem. Extension listings and voice mailbox greetings? IAP can help across the board in a variety of languages.

Languages and Translation

Which languages, exactly, do we offer? You have multiple French and Spanish gender options. Chinese, Japanese, German, and Italian are covered, too. Specialties include Brazilian, Brazilian-Portuguese, and French-Canadian. Australian and British takes on English copy are also ideal for niche markets and broader appeal both domestically and abroad. You can preview specific languages and voices by name at under International Voices in our Voice Actor Selections.

And please note that IAP has access to many more voices and languages than just those posted on our website. If you don’t see a preferred language specified online, please ask because there’s a good chance we can still help!

Seasoned voices deliver with professional appeal and distinction. But even the best voices fall short if the translation from English isn’t 100% accurate. Bear in mind that many online and in-house translation services can be erroneous in enough places that the overall message gets lost in delivery. IAP uses professional translators to help ensure your copy is voiced flawlessly and accurately.

Making Audio More Relatable

Using professional voiceovers and narration is important for several reasons. Impeccable voicing can sell, inform, soothe, and empathize. Promotions are brighter, instructions clearer, and concise messaging is more easily absorbed. This applies to any language and IAP fills that need down to every detail.

Superior quality audio productions for non-English messages-on-hold, radio commercials, videos, e-learning, overhead messages, and phone system recordings are quite reasonably priced. You just might be surprised! IAP turnaround is also a major advantage. Just let us know how we can help with different languages, voicing, and translation. We’ll be glad to give you a competitive quote.