Holiday Recordings for On-Hold and Overhead Play

Ready for a busy holiday season? Now that autumn is well underway, this is the time to change the channel on your Messages-on-Hold (MOH) and Overhead Music (OHM). The right combination of messaging and seasonal music is a great way to soothe on-hold callers, especially if wait times increase for the holidays. And overhead in-store promotions with some holly-jolly tuneage always gets shoppers in a happier mood!

It is important to place your order for holiday recordings as soon as possible. That way, you’ll be closer to the front of the line as our studio processes requests!

On-Hold Marketing, Messages, & Music

Music and Messages-on-Hold for the holidays can be tremendously diverse. For retailers, on-hold ads help cross-promote other forms of advertising with timely, limited-time offers. For manufacturers and business-to-business MOH productions, the emphasis may shift more to temporary changes in hours and shipping procedures.

Still others opt for more standard generic greetings…a basic “Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year.” With familiar instrumental versions of non-secular holiday favorites playing in the background, callers often appreciate the thought and, perhaps, a break from more typical messages heard the rest of the year by repeat callers.

You can accomplish a lot with a Holiday MOH production, generic or custom.

* Calm anxious callers during peak phone traffic hours with music conveying the spirit of the season.

* Promote special sales and holiday bargains. Messages-on-Hold can be created for play in specific time frames to maximize effectiveness with a captive audience.

* Announce short-term changes in procedures, hours, scheduling, and shipping. Callers have already reached out and expressed interest in you. Be sure to communicate effectively.

* Show your appreciation. Building and maintaining relationships with customers has been challenging the last two years, to say the least. Educational facilities have had similar challenges with student enrollment and medical offices are trying to keep up with staffing difficulties and unrelenting demand. Hearing expressions of gratitude while holding can only help!

Not sure what to say on-hold as you prepare for the remainder of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023? IAP writers can help develop a script to reflect your approach. Of course, the holiday season is traditionally a time for changing MOH audio, so demand is definitely higher. Let’s get the creative process started now…the sooner your MOH script is confirmed, the faster your voice tracks and mixed production are ready to play for your callers.

Overhead Music

Creating the proper mood and festive atmosphere is where Overhead Music and Messages play a key role. If you already subscribe to IAP’s OHM, now’s a perfect time to change the audio and reflect the season. If you’re not a subscriber, now is a great time to ask for a quote! Our current promotion until the end of 2022 waives the first 6 months of fees. You will be pleasantly surprised at the cost-effectiveness.

Spread the cheer. The merrier the shopping environment, the merrier the shopper! Waiting rooms and campuses can also transform their in-person experiences.

Here are the most in-demand channels for in-store systems this time of year.

*Christmas Carols…Classic Carols and Hymns of the Christmas Season.

*Christmas Peace…Instrumental Christmas and Holiday Favorites, calming and relaxing.

*Christmas Swing…Throughout the Holidays, Swing is King!

*Festive Instrumentals…Instrumental background music geared for the Holidays.

*Holiday Hits…Holiday Hits of the Modern Era.

Want to pass along timely information and/or promotions with periodic announcements as part of your OHM? Just ask and IAP will be glad to weave custom writing and holiday greetings into your overhead music and messaging.

Order SOON…the clock is ticking!

IAP takes great pride in speedy turnaround. But the days and hours of 2022 are disappearing quickly! Request your MOH and/or OHM audio now to make sure you get as much “play” as possible for the Holiday Season!