Be Heard. Be Creative. Be Informative.

Every customer who walks through your door represents a profitable opportunity. The customer experience inside counts for a lot and what they hear in overhead music and messaging plays a significant part in it. Balancing ads with catchy music helps deliver a pleasant atmosphere for shopping while also guiding your clientele to the products and services you want to promote the most.


Without DJs and interruptions, overhead music gives you freedom to customize play lists from over 90 categories and all without jarring disruptions. It’s a radio-style listening experience that you can control creatively, and Illinois Audio Productions (IAP) can help you blend informative promotions in a seamless production. Be heard and capture attention with an audience that’s right there and eager to buy!


Don’t be surprised to find how easy IAP makes the overhead music/announcement process. Getting overhead audio into play mode is surprisingly simple with a little guidance from our pros. Our approach integrates your brand, image, and custom messaging with music that matches that brand and individual style.


Overhead Messages, When and Where You Want Them


One distinct advantage you get with IAP’s Overhead Messaging system is the ability to play your own custom commercials, produced in the IAP studio. Plus, you can choose when and how frequently those commercials are heard. Got a promotion geared for mornings or afternoons only? Restaurateurs and retailers often do! Our overhead messaging puts you in control of the “day-part” options and IAP is always glad to guide you through any questions about scheduling.


You also have the power to play overhead messages or a specific music track on demand. For example, hospital maternity wards can play a lullaby with the click of a button when a baby is born. And imagine the possibilities during the holiday season!


Streamline Production, Rapid Deployment


The IAP production process for overhead music/messages boils down to a three-phase process: Submit, Produce, Deploy.


If you’ve used IAP for messages-on-hold, narration voiceovers, IVR production, and/or radio commercials, you’ve already experienced a similar process. Submit the information you want you want customers to hear about and remember that creative content should be concise and easy to digest. Conversational phrases in individual messages should total 50 words or less. And as always, if you need help with the writing, IAP expertise has you covered.


Once the custom wording has been confirmed for voicing, IAP professional voice artists begin recording. You have a dynamic variety of highly experienced voice talents to choose from, and multi-lingual options are also available. After voicing is complete, a studio tech polishes the voice tracks to sound amazing and crystal clear, then they’re programmed for playback as you see fit.


Deployment involves overhead announcement scheduling, determining intervals, and replay frequency. Don’t let that part intimidate you. IAP can handle the technical stuff to make your life easier and help determine how often you want individual announcements to play overhead.


No Pesky Interruptions!


Even with the availability of streaming services, you may still hear commercial radio playing when you walk into some stores. Don’t make the same mistake at your place. IAP Overhead Music/Announcements avoid blaring commercials that only serve to annoy your customers while potentially promoting the competition. Our Overhead Music and Messaging also eliminates the intrusion of obnoxious, offensive DJs.


Overhead Music Rotations: Always Fresh, Never Stale


Switching up overhead music is a good idea, especially at establishments with a lot of repeat business and food service places where customers are likely to hang around. IAP offers 90+ channels to suit practically any musical taste. That selection continues to grow, giving you combination options that are virtually limitless. The mix your customers hear overhead is entirely up to you. Or in a random selection if you prefer a more hands-off approach.   


Either way, licensed ambient music from IAP helps create a positive customer experience, and that boosts sales. With so many streaming music channels in a huge array of genres, you can keep everyone entertained with tunes that match your brand. Top hits for grocery stores, singer-songwriter selections for coffee shops, and instrumentals for offices and reception areas are just a few suggestions that set the proper mood.


Jazz, country, rock, and rhythm-and-blues are a sample of the styles available. There’s also world and nature music. You can choose a collection like Retro Range and Contemporary Brew, or a blend like Classically Smooth with light classical and smooth jazz.


IAP streaming overhead music is also licensed through regulatory agencies like ASCAP and BMI to ensure contributing artists get paid. We report and pay the licensing fees, so you don’t have to!


No Downtime!


Let’s face it. Not every facility has the strongest broadband. Internet outages and brief hiccups have been known to interfere with overhead music/messaging systems. Not ours. IAP’s Overhead Music includes a nifty feature you won’t always find elsewhere. Auto Play keeps fallback music tracks playing in the event of an internet outage.


7-Day Programming


One more reason to make IAP your overhead music/messages supplier? 7-Day Programming offers flexible Day-Part Scheduling so you can set different styles at different times. Want smooth jazz from 9 to noon and upbeat dance music during certain evening hours? This feature allows that freedom. Restaurants, bars, convenience stores, grocery stores, medical facilities, dealerships, and hotel lobbies all use 7-Day Programming for overhead music.


Talk to IAP


Since 1986, IAP has helped thousands of customers with Messages-on-Hold and phone recordings for IVR and Auto Attendants, Radio commercials, narration voiceovers, E-Learning and Explainer videos, and of course, Overhead Music/Messaging. Our sterling reputation for customer service, technical support, and fast turnaround ensures your production is perfect.


Create experience and define your brand. Increase sales, communicate sales promotions, and promote customer loyalty. IAP puts overhead music and messages at your fingertips with channel selection, volume control, and on-demand announcements.


Make us your partner in audio production and contact us for professional overhead messaging and music projects. Contact us at or by phone at 1-630-552-9600 to get started and we’ll give you a quote!