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Voiceover Marketing


Connecting with customers is more significant when a dynamic voiceover actor tells the story. Even the most brilliant print campaigns and scripts take on more life when captured in audio by a professional voiceover actor. Captivating an audience takes a certain level of charisma and skill; proper execution is more complex than you might think.


The right voiceover services, such as explainer videos and e-learning videos, can also benefit complex productions for internal company use. Illinois Audio Productions (IAP) offers vast expertise as a voice talent agency, with fast turnaround and affordably reasonable rates. Companies nationwide rely on IAP for friendly voice actors who are pleasant to the ear and hold attention.


IAP’s professional experience also delivers beneficial guidance through each phase from concept to completion for all types of custom voices. Consultation and copywriting prior to voicing are just two areas where IAP streamlines the process for customers. We listen to your objectives and goals, develop the script for your approval, and begin production in the studio with your designated voiceover.

Choosing a Voice Narration Agency


Choosing the right voice might be the most critical step in production, and you have multiple options with IAP. Broadcast experience in voice talent delivery makes a huge difference in the degree of success. And you’ll find that professionalism in IAP voice selections, with an ample offering of distinguished female and male voice artists.


IAP uses authentic human voices and not AI. Rest assured that the voice you choose is an experienced professional whose narrative voice interprets content and delivers just the right emphasis where it’s needed. The finished project is a polished production that expresses your content with 100% accuracy.


Getting Started


Not sure where to start? Don’t worry about scripting. IAP will help organize the most vital components of your narrative and word it to match the specified time frame. This part of the process will seem familiar if you’ve used IAP in the past for messages-on-hold, overhead messaging, radio commercials, and/or eLearning and Explainer videos. It all begins with a consultation so we can learn the important details and attitude you wish to convey.


This is also the stage to pin down any verbiage that needs to be included for legal and compliance reasons. Specific language is sometimes required and knowing when and where it needs to appear is essential for the overall flow of the production.


Once the script has been confirmed and the voiceover has been chosen, recording begins and the final production is turned around exceptionally fast! English isn’t our only language either. Explore IAP’s multi-lingual voiceover options.


Inspire, Educate, and Update.


What do you hope to achieve with your production? Training videos require a certain pace and cadence to be the most effective and relay pertinent information in a manner that’s relatable and retainable. IAP can point out ways to transform otherwise dry and mundane material into more retentive copy.


New employee introductions and legal requirements can also be more effective with a friendly voice narrator, especially when paired with video. Ongoing education on a company-wide basis also makes an ideal platform for an audio/video collaboration that engages its audience. Want to tell a story on social media or YouTube? The narrative voice just might be the most critical element in the reception.


The most egregious errors made in do-it-yourself productions relate to timing, scripting, and voice delivery. Poor editing is the fastest way to lose an audience with the spoken word. Brevity keeps the pace moving and avoiding unnecessary clauses like “at this time” can make a real difference in whether or not your audience is paying attention or drifting off!


The best option is to leave these components to the professionals at IAP, whose experience can make your narration voiceovers pleasantly simple!


Find Your Voice!


Which voice is the right voice for you? IAP offers a diverse selection, and all are supremely experienced and qualified to be your next voiceover We’ll help you determine the best approach for a style of delivery no matter who you choose, maximizing the impact while making your message memorable. Your finished production may be geared for a classroom environment or multimedia platform, and you can rest assured that IAP will make your narrator voice anything but dull and monotonous!


If you have already used professional IAP voiceovers in other areas of audio production like eLearning and Explainer videos, we’re always glad to assist with more of your narration projects. If you’re NOT already acquainted with IAP voice artist options, take a moment to preview our samples online.


IAP Makes the Voice Clear!


Illinois Audio Productions is a family-owned operation in the Filippi’s second generation. IAP started as an early pioneer in the Messages-On-Hold (MOH) industry back in the 80’s before flexing its muscle in multiple other areas of recording. Since then, IAP has built a stellar reputation in MOH, auto attendant and IVR greetings, radio commercials, overhead announcements, eLearning and Explainer video productions, and multimedia collaborations for the narrator’s voice.


That solid foundation comes with other benefits. Our broadcast expertise allows us to offer a major market sound with reasonable, competitive pricing. We’re also known for exceptional customer service with a knowledgeable staff always willing to work with you one on one. As for turnaround time, let’s just say that IAP gets your production in play fast!


Excellent Proven Results


We’ve continued evolving with changing technology since our inception in 1986. So get the finest results with IAP, always a step ahead. Voiceovers, MOH, Overhead Music/Messaging, licensed music, phone recordings like IVR trees and auto attendant, eLearning, Explainer videos, and scriptwriting services are all in our wheelhouse. Everything we do is backed with outstanding customer service and technical support!


Make us your partner in audio production and contact us for professional narrative voice projects. We’ll be glad to give you a quote. Contact us at or by phone at 1-630-552-9600 to get started!