Could YOUR Business be at Risk for Thousands in Fines for Music Licensing Violations?

In case you didn’t know, hold music and overhead “waiting room” music are subject to licensing fees…and what falls into the category of “rebroadcast” can be confusing. The bad news is violations for using non-licensed music can potentially cost thousands of dollars. There’s no fighting it in court, either – music licensing companies have total legal control and rarely lose.


What’s considered a rebroadcast violation that could cost your business thousands?

For example, if your business has overhead music and/or telephone on hold BUT uses


–personal music libraries

–music collections on your electronic device


–other music sources where you don’t pay for specific business licenses

(and just because you bought a song for your library doesn’t mean you bought the licensing rights)

you could be sent a bill to pay for all the time you’ve used the music AND where you’ve used it AND how big the facility is where the music was played.


Fortunately, you can protect yourself and your business from all this – by using licensed music from a production house like IAP. We can protect you from fines and harassment. It’s a simple remedy that also gives you more freedom in your music choice options. Plus, you can add messages on hold or overhead announcements that make money for your business AND there are many music genres to choose from in our overhead music package.


Choosing the smart option of licensed music from IAP, also gives you the ability to choose your music bed by genre AND gets rid of extraneous fluff. Let’s use radio as a comparison. Would you like your callers to hear random tunes on the radio (where some might be offensive), selected by a DJ who says things out of your control? Even worse, there’s commercials advertising for others! Once, I was at a chiropractic’s office waiting for my appointment when his overhead music channel advertised for a different chiropractor in town!


The ability to control your business’ audio marketing cannot be understated. Using specific music from Illinois Audio Productions for your messages on hold AND for overhead music gives you peace of mind –

1) knowing you won’t have to deal with music licensing issues in the future


2) assuring you have good music geared specifically for your business


3) eliminating distracting vocals that can end up competing with the voiceover of your custom message


4) controlling your audio branding with personalized messages


5) Matching genres (Country, Smooth Jazz, Easy Listening, Rock, Classical, and even holiday!) to the season and current marketing strategies



Don’t take chances with music licensing. Contract with a vendor like IAP and avoid the possibility of costly financial penalties.