Holiday Recordings, On-Hold and Overhead!

Safe to say, we’ve never experienced a year like 2020. It’s also hard to believe that this long, tumultuous year is finally winding to a close and the Holiday Season is coming!

The 2020 Holiday Season represents a critical time to connect and re-connect with customers. Especially organizations who’ve had to deal with COVID-related disruptions. Closing the year on a positive high note will likely be more than welcome at your place; both internally and in reaching out to your demographic.

On-Hold Marketing, Messages, & Music

Let’s start with Messages-on-Hold. Busy phone traffic skyrocketed in 2020, a byproduct of productivity while social distancing. Medical offices, car dealerships, retailers, suppliers, restaurants, and a myriad of other operations adjusted to phone ordering as terms like “curbside pickup” entered our daily lexicon. Increased phone traffic has also resulted in longer hold times and that is not likely to let up through the holidays.

Consider the many topics of discussion you can share with callers and potential approaches to your next on-hold production.

*Motivate Sales for an end-of-year push. For many, holiday sales will help offset an otherwise down year.

*Changes in procedures, protocols, and hours. Using hold time productively this way can help inform callers who have already reached out to you.

*Reinforce branding. A topsy-turvy year and uncertain economy have created an unintended disconnect between many purveyors and their customers. There’s no better time to reestablish that identity.

*Build a bridge, extend compassion. It’s what the holidays are all about, right? If ever there was a season where wishes of peace and good will should be well received, 2020 has to be it. Words of reassurance will not hurt in that regard.

IAP writers can help you find your voice and develop a script. The Holiday Season is traditionally a time for changing MOH productions anyway. This year’s Holiday On-Hold Audio can be an extra special opportunity to shine.

Overhead Music

If you already subscribe to IAP’s Overhead Music, now’s a perfect time to change up the audio and reflect the season. If you’re not a subscriber, today is a great time to inquire and get started. Either way, here are FIVE new and different channels of music, geared just for the season.

*Christmas Carols…Classic Carols and Hymns of the Christmas Season.

*Christmas Peace…Instrumental Christmas and Holiday Favorites, calming and relaxing.

*Christmas Swing…Throughout the Holidays, Swing is King!

*Festive Instrumentals…Instrumental background music geared for the Holidays.

*Holiday Hits…Holiday Hits of the Modern Era.

Need a few elegant phrases to accompany your OHM? Just like Messages-on-Hold, custom writing and standard Holiday greetings can be blended into Overhead Music/Messaging for a seamless, classy sound customers, visitors, and patients appreciate.

Don’t Wait!

Turnaround time is always fast with Illinois Audio Productions. In a year where so many have been slowed down in ordering and delivery, there is no slow down with IAP’s technology and experience. We advise getting your order locked-in as soon as possible, whether on-hold, overhead, or both. Show your audience how much they’re appreciated and build momentum for a brighter new year ahead!