On-hold messages for business in 2024

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On-hold messages for business in 2024: tips and what to avoid


“Thank you for holding. A representative will be with you soon. We’ve all heard these words at least once in our lifetime (if we’re lucky enough).  Being placed on hold during a phone call is as common as morning coffee, but it doesn’t have to be as dull as watching paint dry. On-hold messages for businesses are more than just filler noise; they’re a chance to keep your customers engaged and satisfied. On-hold messages might seem small, but they are crucial to customer satisfaction and retention.

Think of each phone call as a chance to strengthen your relationship with a customer. Every interaction counts, whether they’re calling to make a purchase or seeking assistance. While it’s impossible to please every customer every time, you can ensure their time on hold is well spent by engaging them effectively and addressing their immediate needs. Research even supports the importance of on-hold messages. A study revealed that the presence of updates or background music has a notable impact on customer satisfaction compared to simply hearing a ringing tone. How businesses handle their on-hold experience can significantly affect how customers perceive their service.


Can’t just anyone from your company record on-hold messages for business?


Creating the perfect on-hold message isn’t just about anyone hitting the record button. It’s not just about anyone from our company recording messages; it’s about selecting a professional voice talent that resonates with your audience. Firstly, the voice you choose should reflect your brand identity. Whether friendly and conversational or formal and authoritative, the voice sets the tone for your customers’ experience while on hold.

In addition to voice, selecting the perfect and suitable on-hold music is very important. The music should complement your brand identity and cater to the demographics of your callers. A well-chosen piece of music can make the waiting experience more pleasant and keep callers engaged while they wait. The content of your on-hold messages matters, too. It’s an opportunity to inform, entertain, and engage your callers while they wait (more on that below). A well-written script conveys essential information about your products, services, and promotions, all while keeping callers interested and informed.

Knowing when to play on-hold messages for business is crucial. Long wait times can be frustrating for callers, but strategic placement of messages can alleviate boredom and make the wait feel shorter. By integrating messages at strategic intervals, you can ensure callers stay engaged and feel in control of their wait time.

How can you use on-hold messages for business?


Share your company’s news:

Keeping your callers up-to-date with the latest happenings in your company can make them feel more connected and informed. Here’s a script example: “Thank you for calling [your company name]. Did you know we recently expanded our services to [mention the new service or location]? Stay tuned for more exciting updates!”


Share new product announcements:

Use the on-hold time to introduce callers to your latest products or services. A short script could be: “While you wait, we’re excited to announce our newest product, [X-name of the product]. It’s designed to provide a very brief description of the product’s benefits. Be sure to ask our representative when we return to the line.”

Just make sure not to go into too much detail, as it can sometimes annoy the listener, who may already be impatient with all the waiting.


Notify the callers about any current sales or promotions:

On-hold messages are a perfect opportunity to highlight ongoing promotions or discounts. Here’s an example: “At [again, insert your company name], we love to treat our customers! That’s why we’re offering [mention said promotion, sale, or discount] exclusively for callers like you.” 


“Thanks for holding. Did you know we currently offer 20% off all online orders? Visit our website and use promo code [XYZ] at checkout to enjoy this exclusive discount.”


Inform them of the wait time.

Letting callers know how long they can expect to wait helps manage expectations and reduce frustration. Be transparent about wait times to respect your customers’ time truly. Keep this script concise: “We appreciate your patience. Our team is assisting other customers and will be with you shortly. Your call is important to us, and we’ll provide you the assistance you need.”


Final thoughts

Remember to keep your on-hold messages for business clear, concise, and engaging to make the most of your on-hold time and enhance the caller experience. At IAP, we have known the importance of on-hold marketing for a long time. Our professionals have been delivering high-quality audio services since 1986 and can show you how to create a fantastic message for your specific audience. You can even check our on-hold message samples for different industries and markets, e.g.,  the auto industry, dental businesses, financial institutions, restaurants, and more!

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