Professional Voiceovers for Explainer Videos and eLearning 


Effective Explainer Video and eLearning Narration


Global workplace connectivity has triggered increased demand for voice-over videos for company training via professional recordings and the utilization of continually changing technology. Remote workers and satellite offices are now easily networked, opening more eLearning opportunities and training via explainer videos. Illinois Audio Productions (IAP) has significant experience in explainer video production and eLearning voiceovers, creating narrations and tutorials that reach their intended audience and get results.


As businesses and organizations continue to solidify their workforce, one of the keys to employee retention starts with proper training. Dialing into the most essential for explainer videos is why choosing an explainer video maker is so critical. Investing time in recruit training goes a long way toward long-term commitments, and you want a production that makes the point stick. That same level of IAP professionalism and experience applies to ongoing training and credit certifications.

IAP can walk you through the process, including copy content, voice talent, and any additional production elements required. We begin by learning about your operation and what training needs to be conveyed. Capturing and maintaining attention requires smart copywriting and selecting the right voice from your Explainer video production company. IAP expertise can be invaluable through this stage and every ensuing phase of production.


Reaching your primary audience


With eLearning narration, IAP applies the same developmental principles as Explainer video production, only with a somewhat. For example, the eLearning tone may be geared more toward educational/seminar-length instruction and for multiple forms of broadcast by computer or multimedia tools. Our experience has resulted in numerous successful productions for a cross-section of industries.


Once the scripting has been molded to your specifications, proofread, modified, and confirmed, e-learning voiceovers bring the material to life in friendly, soothing tones that amaze and hold attention. As with live instruction, knowing how to connect with a group takes skill and attention to detail. IAP knows how to captivate audiences and turn the process around quickly at a pleasantly affordable price.


Relaying essential information


Helping staff, students, trainees, and recruits feel comfortable can be a vital first step in increasing the information they retain. Take a proactive approach and listen to IAP’s highly talented voice options for Explainer videos and eLearning narration. We only use authentic human voices for genuine appeal that can’t be replicated to the same high standard.


Another plus? IAP is not confined to just the English language. We have a dynamic range of international voiceover artists, covering Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, and German, just to name a few.


Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, as IAP can help organize your salient points into a cohesive narrative, properly emphasizing the most critical points for a logical flow. Sometimes, the hardest part is getting the first words down; our professionals offer all the guidance and patience you need.


Using eLearning and an Explainer Video for Compliance Requirements


Conveying audio and video for training often includes required messaging to meet compliance with government or agency regulations. Typically, the material can seem a little dry in delivery, no matter how important the content is. Overcoming that challenge is where professional voicing in the IAP studio can make that essential production more attractive, clear, and concise with just the right tone.


Depending on state and federal requirements, specific wording is likely necessary to meet legal ramifications and avoid penalties. Again, IAP expertise in this area can help you create the proper flow of the narrative while ensuring those requirements are met.


Branding and uniformity


If you already employ the services of IAP in other areas of audio recording, messages on hold, overhead music, and phone greetings, why not maintain uniformity in your brand and the voices already representing you? As your eLearning and explainer video company, we can help blend a familiar feeling across multiple channels for better customer recognition. It creates a more memorable image that’s easier to remember overall.


What’s the big deal about professional narration?


Why is it so important to use a professional narrator? From the classroom to a multimedia learning session, the more engaging the instruction, the more quickly the material is absorbed and digested. Monotonous, amateurish voicing is a sure way to lose an audience’s attention span. And it’s not so easy to get them back if that voice isn’t commanding attention in the first place.


You may have already experienced better results with professional IAP voiceovers in other areas of audio production. Expect the same high level in explainer videos and eLearning narration.


The IAP Approach 


Illinois Audio Productions is truly a family-owned operation. The company began when the messages-on-hold (MOH) industry was still in its infancy in the mid-80s. Today, IAP is in the Filippi family’s second generation and specializes in recording services. In addition to MOH, we’ve also been involved in thousands of productions for phone systems, like auto attendant and IVR greetings, radio commercials, overhead announcements, and narration in eLearning voiceovers and Explainer video production.


IAP is a well-established provider of top-quality audio productions, giving you a significant market sound with good old-fashioned personal customer service. You’ll find our pricing just as competitive. And rapid turnaround time is a hallmark of IAP audio productions.

This is especially helpful with critical e-learning rollouts.


What’s the next step?


Reasonable rates with true broadcast experts who understand the multi-faceted aspects of modern marketing: IAP’s deep recording history goes back to 1986, and we’ve evolved with changing technology from day one. So make the smart choice and IAP your explainer video agency and primary source for eLearning voiceovers. Messages on Hold, Overhead Music/Messages, and Radio Commercials, too. You’re in excellent hands with IAP, from script writing to technical support.


Make us your partner in audio production and contact us for professional eLearning and a quality explainer video. We’ll be glad to give you a quote. Contact us at or by phone at 1-630-552-9600 to get started!