On Hold Music and Messages

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The Significance of On-Hold Music and Messages


Enhancing the caller experience is essential for maintaining client satisfaction and engagement. The strategic implementation of on-hold messages and music plays a crucial role in acquiring new business, reinforcing branding, and extending courtesy.


Many businesses and organizations seek customized messages or music while your prospects and clients are on hold. Updated automatic answering services that sound professional and closely align with their brand identity are what we do best.


When customers call a company, being placed on hold is rarely a pleasant experience. Thus, companies are improving this experience by ensuring the caller stays engaged and informed. On-hold messages for businesses fulfill this purpose by reassuring callers that an agent will be with them promptly and that their call is essential to the company.


IAP Audio Productions specializes in recording and delivering these vital on-hold messages, which enhances customer engagement and projects the desired professionalism.


Our services select the perfect voice to represent your brand and inform callers with professional voice talents. They also ensure your business features are the most suitable on-hold music, which caters to your customer demographics and keeps content fresh with the latest promotions.


IAP Audio Productions focuses on creating on-hold messages that combine sales with customer support. Their team of industry copywriters and professional voice talents produces on-hold phone messages that elevate customer experiences and support sales. IAP Audio Productions exhibits versatility, working with industries like automotive, finance, and healthcare, and extends its services to overhead music and innovative marketing solutions.


Furthermore, IAP Audio Productions offers on-hold messages that concentrate on caller retention and provide actionable content to prevent callers from hanging up. They highlight the potential for boosting sales through strategic on-hold marketing.


IAP delivers on-hold messages that blend the best in sales and customer support. Their voice recordings, crafted by a team of industry copywriters, professional voice talents, and marketing experts, create on-hold phone messages that contribute to better customer experiences and can help drive sales.


Besides employing skilled writers, IAP Audio Productions uses nationally recognized and experienced professionals to provide voiceovers paired with licensed music. They can supply files in various formats like .mp3, .wav, .etc., and offer digital hardware as needed.


The process starts with a consultation, followed by scripting, Productions, and delivery. Multiple audio samples are available on our website, showcasing sectors such as health care, legal, real estate, insurance, beauty, and medical industry.


We also provide many other audio services, including voiceovers for radio advertisements, website audio, explainer voiceovers, IVR greetings and eLearning audio.


A Fun Fact About Custom On-Hold Messages


  • Did you know that approximately 70% of callers are put on hold and that within just 45 seconds, 60% of those on hold hang up?


  • It is acknowledged that the best way to keep customers engaged while on the phone is to entertain them.


  • This is where voiceover and music-on-hold services come into play for your business.


  • Increase your transactions by up to 20% when mentioned in your on-hold messages.


  • Cross-selling and up-selling become effortless when you utilize on-hold music messages to promote additional services and other special offers while your customers wait.


  • Special greetings can inform them that you are closed for business due to a holiday observance.


  • If 88% of callers prefer on-hold messages and music, why not surpass their expectations with our on-hold experience?


Our experts craft the ideal on-hold message experiences for your customers—precisely as you desire.

IAP Audio Productions offers a suite of services, including on-hold messages, auto-attendant greetings, and overhead music for stores and businesses. While IAP Audio Productions serves brand-name companies, they offer affordable services for businesses of all sizes.


On-hold services not only provides skilled copywriters with the ability to draft your original script but also encourages businesses to keep their messages current and up-to-date with the latest campaigns and marketing messages.


Remarkable on-hold messages and music services are designed to captivate and retain callers. Statistics show that 70% of callers are put on hold, and their approach concentrates on entertainment and engagement, increasing offers and promotions during the hold time. Their on-hold music messages effectively cross-sell and up-sell, contributing to your business’s profitability.


In conclusion, on-hold phone music and messaging services enhance the on-hold experience. With 88% of callers preferring on-hold messages and music, businesses should exceed expectations by providing a superior on-hold experience.


Ready to take the next step? Explore our samples and check out examples of our past work on our website. From voiceovers to on hold music, you’ll see the caliber and creativity we bring to every project.


When you’re ready to begin, reach out to us for a consultation without hesitation. Our team is here to address any queries you may have and offer personalized recommendations to fulfill your audio Productions requirements.


Elevate your audio experience with IAP Audio Productions today! Visit our website at www.ilaudio.com  to learn more and get in touch.