Overhead Music and Messages for Effective Revenue Building

You did it! You got customers through the door. Now what? Creating the right ambiance with mood music helps shape a more comfortable shopping environment and pleasant customer experience. Doing it the right way with Overhead Music from IAP takes your establishment’s ambience to a whole new level—and that can add revenue at the point-of-sale. Strategically placed promotions between songs at specific times of day, ensures awareness of your products and offerings to an audience already in your place of business.

The Right Overhead Background Music

Choosing the right background music can seem like a daunting task. After all, you can’t please everybody’s musical preferences. IAP overhead music makes it significantly easier to play a variety of licensed business background music with simple programming. Think of it as your operation’s own personalized radio station.

There’s a plethora of waiting room music options for doctors, dentists, retail stores, medical specialists, and professionals of all sorts. Whether serving as pleasing mood music or as part of a branding and sales effort, there are selections of more than 70 channels…rotating literally thousands of music tracks so customers (and staff) are never bored by repetition.

Adding Effective Messaging to your Overhead Music System

The benefits of professional messaging interspersed in your “business radio” are virtually limitless. It’s the combination of overhead music AND messages that drives up sales. There’s a certain art to the creative process, developing cross-promotional upsells that are succinct and grab attention without hitting too hard.

That’s the ticket to increased revenue at the point-of-sale. The combination of Overhead Music and Messages for an audience already in your store is a direct appeal that yields immediate results. Business background music elevates the mood, and every so often a short, professional message pops up, informing customers about in-store promos, seasonal offerings, or added services they previously didn’t know about.

The Equipment

Wondering about playback units for background music? IAP’s unit can stream overhead music and messages simultaneously. On-board memory keeps the overhead music system playing, even if internet connection is lost. The affordable, small unit is also smart, sensing when the stream can resume without manual resetting.  A QR code on each player allows for quick and easy channel changes and volume adjustments.

Scriptwriting for Overhead Messages

When adding messages to overhead background music, what should they say? Professional IAP scriptwriters can pinpoint the finer details for audio announcements, making your personalized radio station a money-maker. As for the studio and scriptwriters that create those messages? IAP works with you—helping you pinpoint the focus of messages, making suggestions about what to include, and how long messages should be. Then our experienced copywriters craft messages for your approval.

Cool Features

Mood music in the store and waiting room music in professional settings have taken great strides in both quality and diversity over the years. IAP’s overhead machines go way beyond. Different genres of music can be scheduled for certain days…even times of day. Matching messages with business background music is also this easy (especially when the holidays roll around).

Call or email us about the voice, music, and equipment needed for your set up. We’re always here to help and can offer a no obligation quote.