Using On-Hold Messages and Phone Greetings Effectively in Times of COVID

Many businesses have made safety adjustments to stay productive in times of COVID. Now that vaccinations are ramping up and warmer temperatures are ahead, even more changes are likely as protocols evolve and day-to-day operations are tweaked for safe measures.


One significant aspect of daily transactions began early in the pandemic. Suddenly phone traffic started booming. Fewer in-person transactions, more ordering by phone for curbside pickup. Of course, higher volume phone traffic translated to longer hold times…ample, ideal opportunities to give loyal customers clear guidance in the way one takes orders, books appointments, and imparts valuable information to make transactions safer and more seamless.


What should YOUR callers know?


Consider the changes in
-medical offices
-campus settings

-salons, to name just a few

-the public at-large
about these changes in your facility can be a challenge.
Further modifications are inevitable in the months ahead and disseminating vital information in advance is key.


Certainly, social media and an active online presence help considerably. In addition to increased phone traffic, more daily functions are happening online than ever before. Not just in sales, either. Medical tele-health sessions and ZOOM/remote learning have made their mark.


A solid Messages-On-Hold production also delivers a powerful, direct impact. MOH speaks directly to a familiar audience in a huge cross-section of America. Here are just a few examples.


MOH can


-Help doctors, dentists, and veterinarians explain new screening procedures prior to entering the building.


-Keep restaurants cooking and serving by telling customers contact-free ways to still enjoy a meal with curbside pickup.


-Assist Auto Dealership Sales, Parts, and Service with each Department’s own unique safety protocols.   


-Clarify do’s and don’ts for reopening retail showrooms, gyms, stylists, nail salons, small businesses, and larger centers of shopping.


-Give school administrators a hand with the dissemination of information about shifts to classroom, hybrid, and remote learning as well as testing and scheduling.


These are just a few real-life examples to show how hold-time can be utilized most effectively: by communicating critical details to an interested, qualified audience. In these rapidly changing times, people have questions. On-Hold Messaging from IAP gets the point across in clear, concise fashion with pleasant, licensed music and stellar professional voice artists.


Flexibility and Fast Turnaround to Roll with the Changes


Another excellent value with IAP Messages-On-Hold is the flexibility to change audio productions with exceptional turnaround time. This has been a real boost for medical facilities offering COVID vaccinations. With scheduling based on supply and availability, phone systems have been flooded with eager callers. MOH has provided valuable assistance by informing holding callers with extremely up-to-date messages and what steps to take next. Our studio is delivering timely new audio quickly and reliably.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automation, and Overhead Messages


Effective communication goes beyond updated websites, social media, and even MOH. Medical professionals, businesspeople, and educational institutions have also been using their phone systems with revised efficiency.


Automating IVR greetings helps ease the burden on staff and routing customers in a way that gives them control of transactions without physical contact is a win-win. Giving clear audio instructions is where professional IAP recording can help connect the dots for incoming calls.


Last but not least, let’s not forget Overhead Messaging and Announcements. Welcome customers back into your facility or business with informative overhead messages that tell about:

-new products

-ongoing safety protocols

-monthly specials

-how nice it is to see them again


Guidance and information from above commands attention!



You can utilize all these channels to effectively communicate what is happening at your business. Contact IAP today and we’ll work with you to circulate these important messages that can keep your business running smoothly.