Remote On-Hold Players and IAPRemote for the Ultimate in MOH Playback Convenience

If you can stream audio and your favorite shows with a simple command, why not your messages-on-hold? IAP is making the process just that easy with a super-efficient IAPRemote Digital Player option. You no longer need to wait for stuff in your mailbox. And you don’t have to deal with cumbersome downloads anymore, either. You don’t even have to be on location! IAPRemote operates flawlessly and end-users don’t have to lift a finger.

The IAPRemote machine itself features a small footprint with simple connectivity using a LAN connection and our web portal. Its multi-functional versatility delivers flexible scheduling of timely messages…ideal for special promotions, events, and holiday recordings. IAP can make that time-specific audio start and stop exactly when you want.

Hybrid capabilities all come in one network connected device with IAPRemote. You can stream audio or play from a USB flash drive. Remote-load MOH files can even be stored for future use.

That’s just the start when it comes to convenient playlist management. You can control volume/mute and channel selection directly from your desktop or smart device. And in case of power interruption, IAPRemote’s failsafe features boot audio back into play mode quickly and automatically, diagnosing internal health conditions along the way for seamless, trouble-free service.

As always, IAP goes the extra mile to make the MOH audio production process a breeze. Scripting can be built from scratch for your approval prior to recording. You can choose from a fine selection of several acclaimed voice artists. You also have a practically unlimited selection of music tracks in multiple genres, licensed specifically for your use. All completed with industry-leading turnaround time!

Once the final mix is finished, the immediate benefit of the IAPRemote Digital Player becomes obvious with immediate delivery. No waiting on media in the mail and no manual operation required at the user end!

IAPRemote also comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for added peace-of-mind. A representative will be glad to answer questions about audio formats and configurations. Other streaming devices are also available that can deliver overhead music and messages to your operation with similar ease and command capability to the premier IAPRemote unit.