Music on Hold

Raise your client’s phone experience with expert music on hold solutions


In today’s competitive organizational environment, every touchpoint with a customer is a golden opportunity for branding and engagement. This is especially true when a customer is on the line, waiting to speak with your team. Change these quick waits into an impactful brand-name experience with our top-notch music on-hold services.


An often-overlooked detail, the Music on hold player is the unseen ambassador of your business’s image. It sets the auditory stage for your clients, using soothing tunes to enhance their calling experience. Moreover, popular music on hold can affect consumer mood, making the wait much shorter and more satisfying.


However, it’s not just about music.  Music On-hold messages play an essential role in communication. These messages are an opportunity to notify, engage, and even captivate. With tailored on-hold messages for organizations, you guarantee that your customers are welcomed with a tune, important information, and a warm, welcoming voice.


Crafting the Perfect On-Hold Messaging for Your Business


On-hold messaging is an art that combines informative speech with convincing interaction. Whether revealing brand-new services, sharing valuable ideas, or letting callers know their persistence is valued, these messages influence your customer care toolbox.


Selecting On-Hold Music for Business

The selection of on-hold Music for an organization is a strategic decision. It should show your brand’s personality—classic beauty, jazzy elegance, or contemporary vibrancy. The correct phone-on-hold Music can reassure clients that we have made the ideal call, literally and figuratively.


Integration and consistency

Integrating your on-hold Music and messages with your overall marketing technique is vital. Constant messaging across all platforms reinforces your brand and helps seal your corporate identity in the minds of your clients.


The bottom line

A premium on-hold music player, paired with carefully crafted on-hold messages, can significantly enhance the caller experience. It turns a necessary wait into a chance for your organization to shine. From popular tunes to custom-created on-hold messaging, the power of audio must not be underestimated.


Many company phone systems allow you to record your messages for customers on hold. This is specifically true with a full-blown contact center as a service (CCaaS).


After all, consumers who should make a call to an organization wish to prevent being postponed, so if your company needs to do this, you need to make the experience as pain-free and effective as possible. That implies motivating the caller to stay on the line, as a representative will talk to them soon while also guaranteeing that the caller is calm and assured that their call is valued and essential to that business.


Thankfully, IAP Audio Productions can record and supply the messages you need to optimize client engagement and ensure you predict the professionalism you want.


After all, a customer calling your business probably has a technical issue or grievance that has annoyed them. For this reason, any on-hold message should state that the call is vital and express the sentiment as honestly as possible. In addition, on-hold messages can be tailored to support marketing activities for upselling.


For that reason, we have listed the best on-hold messaging services presently offered, which are listed below.


We’ve also included the very best interactive voice-assisted (IVR) systems.


On-hold messaging improves your customer experience by giving the ideal voice to represent your brand name and inform callers, utilizing professional voice skills. IAP Audio Productions also looks to ensure you have the best Music to match your customer demographics, and we can make sure any recordings are updated with your newest promos.


Rather than simply offering audio samples, IAP Audio Productions can offer greetings for auto-attendants and IVRs that automatically route calls, ensuring that clients spend less time on hold while routing to the correct department and the first agent provided to help with their inquiries.


IAP Audio Productions offers several voice and music samples on its site, consisting of male or female artists, voices for digital signage, industry samples, IVR prompts, and worldwide voice samples in different languages.


IAP Audio Productions promotes that we regularly work in the automobile, financing, health care, hospitality, salons, and retail industries.


IAP Audio Productions aims to develop a favorable experience with on-hold messaging to decrease the variety of times customers detach and engage customers to drive extra sales by promoting appropriate products or services. Audio Productions has experience in numerous industries, including vehicle, monetary, health care, hospitality, restaurants, retail, and salons.


Offering on-hold marketing details can increase caller sales by 16% to 20%.


We likewise use auto-attendant, IVR services, and voicemail greetings that promote professionalism and the company brand to callers and clients.


Let IAP Audio Productions help you discover the ideal noise for your organization. With our know-how, your clients will be humming your brand name’s tune long after the call ends.


Learn How Hold Messages Can Increase Your Sales

Many companies have budgets for E-commerce marketing and/or budgets for advertising campaigns trying to get customers through their doors. However, On Hold marketing offers a uniquely more direct approach — because the customers have already “arrived!”


Used the right way, professionally and carefully produced messages on hold can effectively appeal to callers. After all, they’ve already taken that first step by calling. If you think of every phone call as an opportunity, then each caller has already walked in.


Short, succinct, impactful messages matched with the right licensed hold music delivers an even greater advantage with repeat customer upsells. Reward their loyalty with timely, exclusive offers and you have a win-win: your customers appreciate the value and will be back again while you’ve just increased sales revenue.


Putting monthly promotions on hold also keeps the custom message sounding fresh for repeat customers who know better than anybody when something sounds new. Using on hold marketing services in conjunction with other campaigns reinforces the spotlight and makes an effective tool in cross-promotions. Lifetime oil changes? HVAC wholesale rebates? Dental discounts and pet wellness plans? Advertise them with a professional phone message to a receptive audience that already expressed an eagerness to call you.


The best way to get results from a custom message? First, remember that the intended audience is never going to SEE your on hold marketing campaign, only HEAR it. That means there’s no room for wordiness. If a word or phrase has no particular impact, get rid of it.


That leads to the second reason. Your audience is in a holding pattern and likely anxious to move on. Don’t bore them with statistics or, even worse, self-congratulatory fluff. That doesn’t go over well in messages on hold. Don’t make callers memorize a lot of numbers or complicated directions, either. The power of retention is better served with cross selling and calls-to-action.


*Use words and phrases that benefit the caller and speak directly to each. “Snoring keep you up last night? We can help your sleep apnea during this call.”


*Speak conversationally. Consider the announcer of your custom message as a customer service representative talking one-on-one. Unless, of course, you’re going for a stylized piece directed toward a specific audience.


*Use immediate calls-to-action. You already have their attention…there’s only one step left!


*Avoid sounding like a legal brief. Lengthy details, lists, and overly technical explanations can make callers tune out…what may work in print advertising does not always catch the ear!


There’s much more to the formula, made simple by IAP. Mixed with catchy hold music, inspire your callers with IAP’s professional phone message producers, the masters of on hold marketing services!

4 Easy Steps to get Custom Hold Messages

If you ever thought about putting messages on hold to work in your phone system but figured the process would be too cumbersome or time consuming, we’d like to illustrate otherwise! Hold music and effective on hold marketing is simple…IF you have the right vendor with professional phone message experience. IAP makes the magic happen for you in four easy steps.

Wondering if and why you need on hold marketing services? Done properly, a professional phone message can engage a captive audience in otherwise dead hold time. In the transfer process, silence on hold can seem infinitely longer in the caller’s mind. And forget radio. Even if you have rebroadcast rights from ASCAP or BMI, radio’s music selection has limited appeal at best, not to mention commercials that could be promoting a competitor!


A solid, effective telephone on hold message system helps alleviate the seemingly slow passage of time associated with silence and the annoying, costly aspects of radio. IAP on hold marketing delivers personalized messages with broadly appealing telephone music. The overall sound can be geared for your clientele’s call-to-action…all we need is a little input and we’ll do all the work!


*STEP 1: Fill out a quick and easy questionnaire, then e-mail it to us. We’ll write a custom script based on the info you provide. Our writers are highly experienced at creating a professional phone message, written specifically for the messages on hold format. We’ll take your answers and transform them into attention-grabbing, inspiring custom messages that get results! We work with many industries and know how to appeal to your callers in the spoken word.


*STEP 2: Choose a voice. Listen to the voice demos on our website. We have an excellent selection of male and female voices. Professional and versatile, our voice artists know how to appeal to all demographics, young and old. Need a special accent? Kid’s voice? What about messages on hold in a foreign language? IAP has you covered.


*STEP 3: Select music. You’ll find many music choices on our website. Easy Listening, Jazz, Oldies, Classical, Country, Rock…we have all kinds of licensed, instrumental hold music. Every time you freshen your hold messages – whether monthly, bi-monthly, twice a year, or whatever your needs — you have the freedom to select new tracks/genres with every production. Your telephone music can also capture the holiday spirit when the time comes.


*STEP 4: Determine delivery format. Your telephone on hold message system will replay custom on hold message audio via MP3, wav file, from a USB drive, burned to CD, even mixed to tape.


That’s it! Using your business telephone to market and upsell customers can be done in 4 easy steps with Illinois Audio Productions. You’ll see right away that we’re an easy-to-work-with company where you always get one-on-one answers from a real person. Give it a try!  We’re glad to answer any questions.