Professional Voiceovers for Explainer Videos and eLearning 

Effective Explainer Video and eLearning Narration


Global workplace connectivity has triggered increased demand for voice-over videos for company training via professional recordings and the utilization of continually changing technology. Remote workers and satellite offices are now easily networked, opening more eLearning opportunities and training via explainer videos. Illinois Audio Productions (IAP) has significant experience in explainer video production and eLearning voiceovers, creating narrations and tutorials that reach their intended audience and get results.


As businesses and organizations continue to solidify their workforce, one of the keys to employee retention starts with proper training. Dialing into the most essential for explainer videos is why choosing an explainer video maker is so critical. Investing time in recruit training goes a long way toward long-term commitments, and you want a production that makes the point stick. That same level of IAP professionalism and experience applies to ongoing training and credit certifications.

IAP can walk you through the process, including copy content, voice talent, and any additional production elements required. We begin by learning about your operation and what training needs to be conveyed. Capturing and maintaining attention requires smart copywriting and selecting the right voice from your Explainer video production company. IAP expertise can be invaluable through this stage and every ensuing phase of production.


Reaching your primary audience


With eLearning narration, IAP applies the same developmental principles as Explainer video production, only with a somewhat. For example, the eLearning tone may be geared more toward educational/seminar-length instruction and for multiple forms of broadcast by computer or multimedia tools. Our experience has resulted in numerous successful productions for a cross-section of industries.


Once the scripting has been molded to your specifications, proofread, modified, and confirmed, e-learning voiceovers bring the material to life in friendly, soothing tones that amaze and hold attention. As with live instruction, knowing how to connect with a group takes skill and attention to detail. IAP knows how to captivate audiences and turn the process around quickly at a pleasantly affordable price.


Relaying essential information


Helping staff, students, trainees, and recruits feel comfortable can be a vital first step in increasing the information they retain. Take a proactive approach and listen to IAP’s highly talented voice options for Explainer videos and eLearning narration. We only use authentic human voices for genuine appeal that can’t be replicated to the same high standard.


Another plus? IAP is not confined to just the English language. We have a dynamic range of international voiceover artists, covering Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, and German, just to name a few.


Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, as IAP can help organize your salient points into a cohesive narrative, properly emphasizing the most critical points for a logical flow. Sometimes, the hardest part is getting the first words down; our professionals offer all the guidance and patience you need.


Using eLearning and an Explainer Video for Compliance Requirements


Conveying audio and video for training often includes required messaging to meet compliance with government or agency regulations. Typically, the material can seem a little dry in delivery, no matter how important the content is. Overcoming that challenge is where professional voicing in the IAP studio can make that essential production more attractive, clear, and concise with just the right tone.


Depending on state and federal requirements, specific wording is likely necessary to meet legal ramifications and avoid penalties. Again, IAP expertise in this area can help you create the proper flow of the narrative while ensuring those requirements are met.


Branding and uniformity


If you already employ the services of IAP in other areas of audio recording, messages on hold, overhead music, and phone greetings, why not maintain uniformity in your brand and the voices already representing you? As your eLearning and explainer video company, we can help blend a familiar feeling across multiple channels for better customer recognition. It creates a more memorable image that’s easier to remember overall.


What’s the big deal about professional narration?


Why is it so important to use a professional narrator? From the classroom to a multimedia learning session, the more engaging the instruction, the more quickly the material is absorbed and digested. Monotonous, amateurish voicing is a sure way to lose an audience’s attention span. And it’s not so easy to get them back if that voice isn’t commanding attention in the first place.


You may have already experienced better results with professional IAP voiceovers in other areas of audio production. Expect the same high level in explainer videos and eLearning narration.


The IAP Approach 


Illinois Audio Productions is truly a family-owned operation. The company began when the messages-on-hold (MOH) industry was still in its infancy in the mid-80s. Today, IAP is in the Filippi family’s second generation and specializes in recording services. In addition to MOH, we’ve also been involved in thousands of productions for phone systems, like auto attendant and IVR greetings, radio commercials, overhead announcements, and narration in eLearning voiceovers and Explainer video production.


IAP is a well-established provider of top-quality audio productions, giving you a significant market sound with good old-fashioned personal customer service. You’ll find our pricing just as competitive. And rapid turnaround time is a hallmark of IAP audio productions.

This is especially helpful with critical e-learning rollouts.


What’s the next step?


Reasonable rates with true broadcast experts who understand the multi-faceted aspects of modern marketing: IAP’s deep recording history goes back to 1986, and we’ve evolved with changing technology from day one. So make the smart choice and IAP your explainer video agency and primary source for eLearning voiceovers. Messages on Hold, Overhead Music/Messages, and Radio Commercials, too. You’re in excellent hands with IAP, from script writing to technical support.


Make us your partner in audio production and contact us for professional eLearning and a quality explainer video. We’ll be glad to give you a quote. Contact us at or by phone at 1-630-552-9600 to get started!



On-hold messages for business in 2024

On-hold messages for business in 2024: tips and what to avoid


“Thank you for holding. A representative will be with you soon. We’ve all heard these words at least once in our lifetime (if we’re lucky enough).  Being placed on hold during a phone call is as common as morning coffee, but it doesn’t have to be as dull as watching paint dry. On-hold messages for businesses are more than just filler noise; they’re a chance to keep your customers engaged and satisfied. On-hold messages might seem small, but they are crucial to customer satisfaction and retention.

Think of each phone call as a chance to strengthen your relationship with a customer. Every interaction counts, whether they’re calling to make a purchase or seeking assistance. While it’s impossible to please every customer every time, you can ensure their time on hold is well spent by engaging them effectively and addressing their immediate needs. Research even supports the importance of on-hold messages. A study revealed that the presence of updates or background music has a notable impact on customer satisfaction compared to simply hearing a ringing tone. How businesses handle their on-hold experience can significantly affect how customers perceive their service.


Can’t just anyone from your company record on-hold messages for business?


Creating the perfect on-hold message isn’t just about anyone hitting the record button. It’s not just about anyone from our company recording messages; it’s about selecting a professional voice talent that resonates with your audience. Firstly, the voice you choose should reflect your brand identity. Whether friendly and conversational or formal and authoritative, the voice sets the tone for your customers’ experience while on hold.

In addition to voice, selecting the perfect and suitable on-hold music is very important. The music should complement your brand identity and cater to the demographics of your callers. A well-chosen piece of music can make the waiting experience more pleasant and keep callers engaged while they wait. The content of your on-hold messages matters, too. It’s an opportunity to inform, entertain, and engage your callers while they wait (more on that below). A well-written script conveys essential information about your products, services, and promotions, all while keeping callers interested and informed.

Knowing when to play on-hold messages for business is crucial. Long wait times can be frustrating for callers, but strategic placement of messages can alleviate boredom and make the wait feel shorter. By integrating messages at strategic intervals, you can ensure callers stay engaged and feel in control of their wait time.

How can you use on-hold messages for business?


Share your company’s news:

Keeping your callers up-to-date with the latest happenings in your company can make them feel more connected and informed. Here’s a script example: “Thank you for calling [your company name]. Did you know we recently expanded our services to [mention the new service or location]? Stay tuned for more exciting updates!”


Share new product announcements:

Use the on-hold time to introduce callers to your latest products or services. A short script could be: “While you wait, we’re excited to announce our newest product, [X-name of the product]. It’s designed to provide a very brief description of the product’s benefits. Be sure to ask our representative when we return to the line.”

Just make sure not to go into too much detail, as it can sometimes annoy the listener, who may already be impatient with all the waiting.


Notify the callers about any current sales or promotions:

On-hold messages are a perfect opportunity to highlight ongoing promotions or discounts. Here’s an example: “At [again, insert your company name], we love to treat our customers! That’s why we’re offering [mention said promotion, sale, or discount] exclusively for callers like you.” 


“Thanks for holding. Did you know we currently offer 20% off all online orders? Visit our website and use promo code [XYZ] at checkout to enjoy this exclusive discount.”


Inform them of the wait time.

Letting callers know how long they can expect to wait helps manage expectations and reduce frustration. Be transparent about wait times to respect your customers’ time truly. Keep this script concise: “We appreciate your patience. Our team is assisting other customers and will be with you shortly. Your call is important to us, and we’ll provide you the assistance you need.”


Final thoughts

Remember to keep your on-hold messages for business clear, concise, and engaging to make the most of your on-hold time and enhance the caller experience. At IAP, we have known the importance of on-hold marketing for a long time. Our professionals have been delivering high-quality audio services since 1986 and can show you how to create a fantastic message for your specific audience. You can even check our on-hold message samples for different industries and markets, e.g.,  the auto industry, dental businesses, financial institutions, restaurants, and more!

Get a quote for your business, or contact us here.


Music on Hold for Industries

Music on Hold for Industries


Imagine the impact that a first greeting has in the world of first impressions, where every second matters. IAP (Illinois Audio Productions) understands music’s critical role in establishing any prospects mood. We aim to create captivating and engaging audio experiences that turn boring wait times into memorable occasions.


We will discuss music on hold for Industries across various industries, including dentistry, medical, park districts, HVAC, showrooms, and auto dealerships. IAP significantly influences your business’s customer experience by choosing music and audio that speak to your target audience and capture the spirit of your brand.


The Importance On Hold Music

On hold music acts as the first point of contact between the caller and the brand, representing the front-line aspect of a company’s communication strategy. Hold music does more than just fill the hole left by silence; it also significantly impacts how callers behave, wait patiently, and perceive your brand. Psychological research has demonstrated that listening to music while waiting reduces stress and irritation, which improves the caller experience.


Challenges of Generic Hold Music

Generic hold music presents several issues that seriously impede a company’s communication plan. Generic hold music frequently has monotonous melodies or catchy tunes that don’t pique callers’ interest, which leads to dissatisfaction and disengagement. Customers become dissatisfied due to this lack of distinctiveness, negatively impacting the caller experience and the company’s brand. Generic hold music also symbolizes a squandered chance for interaction and branding. Businesses, including park districts, dentistry, medical, HVAC, showrooms, and car dealerships, miss out on the opportunity to use customized audio experiences to communicate their distinct identities and values.


Businesses miss significant opportunities to engage with callers, establish brand awareness, and create favorable associations that may eventually increase customer satisfaction and loyalty when they don’t have tailored hold music.


Illinois Audio Productions’ Music on Hold for Industries

IAP aims to usher in a new age of personalized audio experiences by releasing “Music on Hold for Industries.” We are deeply aware of music’s crucial role in influencing the consumer’s image of brands. We approach each project with a customized strategy. Our solutions are designed to meet various businesses’ specific requirements and brand identities. They are not one-size-fits-all solutions. Our skilled specialists are adept at providing audio music on hold that connects with callers and improves their overall experience, whether crafting calming melodies for a medical facility or lively tunes for an automobile dealership.



Benefits of Choosing Illinois Audio Productions


Selecting IAP for your music-on-hold service has several advantages that improve customer satisfaction and strengthen brand recognition. Businesses may set the ideal tone for their callers and create a sophisticated and professional atmosphere with our vast library of high-quality music. Whether their sector is medical, dental, HVAC, park districts, showrooms, or auto dealerships, companies may improve brand identification and create a unique identity in the minds of their callers by choosing custom-hold music.


Here’s how:


  • Extensive Music Library: IAP gives companies access to a vast library of high-quality music, giving them various options when setting the ideal mood for their callers.


  • Tailored Solutions: No matter your firm, our service enables you to select custom-hold music created especially for that industry. This customized strategy creates a distinct brand identity for the business and improves brand recognition.


  • Professionalism and Sophistication: Businesses may reinforce their brand image and provide callers with a great experience by using our music-on-hold service to create a professional and sophisticated atmosphere.


  • Smooth Integration: We provide a smooth transition for organizations by seamless integration with their current phone systems, which keeps their regular business operations unaffected. At the same time, they take advantage of our services.


  • Knowledge and Quality: Businesses may rely on IAP Audio Productions’ knowledge to provide outstanding hold music solutions. Our unwavering commitment to quality guarantees callers an unforgettable experience, which speaks well of the business and its devotion to providing high-quality customer service.


Furthermore, a smooth transition is guaranteed by our seamless process with current phone systems, enabling companies to take advantage of our services without interrupting their daily activities. Businesses can rely on Illinois Audio Productions’ experience to provide outstanding on hold music solutions that reinforce their brand’s dedication to excellence and create a lasting impression on callers.


The IAP Process

We use a simple, team-based approach to provide outstanding music and messages on hold for industry services. First, customers discuss their needs and preferences with our knowledgeable staff, mentioning their industry, ideal atmosphere, and corporate identification. After that, our staff collaborates closely with the client to choose an exquisite music selection that complements their vision. Customers can offer suggestions and request changes. After approval, deployment is quick and easy, with our staff ensuring that existing phone systems for HVAC, park districts, medical, dental, and auto dealerships may be easily integrated.


By involving customers at every process stage, we guarantee a customized hold music solution that improves caller satisfaction and effortlessly and effectively upholds brand professionalism.



We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions and concerns regarding IAP music on Hold for industries service for those who are interested:


Q: What exactly is on hold music, and why is it important?

A: The sound of calls placed on hold during phone conversations is known as hold music. It’s essential since it improves caller perception and the consumer experience.


Q: How does the process work, and how long does it take?

A: A collaborative approach wherein clients discuss their preferences and needs with our staff. After that, we carefully choose a range of excellent music alternatives based on their industry and brand identity. The project’s complexity determines the timetable. However, we always aim for efficiency without sacrificing quality.


Q: Can we change the on hold music to reflect our brand?

A: Definitely! We provide customizable alternatives to guarantee that the hold music perfectly complements your desired mood and corporate identity. Customers can offer suggestions and request changes until they are happy with the finished product.


Q: How can I get started or learn more?


A: Please email us at or give us a call at 1-630-552-9600 to find out more about our Music on Hold for Industries service. Our team is prepared to help you with any questions or get started on improving your caller experience right now.


For inquiries, consultations, or to learn more about our Music on Hold for Industries service, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at or by phone at 1-630-552-9600.


Professional Audio Music on Hold

Professional Audio Music on Hold


Music on hold and on hold messages are crucial to niche marketing while your prospects and clients are on hold. It’s a realm where clarity is king, where the subtle nuances of sound create unforgettable experiences, and where every voice finds its place.


IAP (Illinois Audio Productions) will set the perfect mood with on-hold music, enhancing your image. As experts in licensed on hold music, we will legally craft sounds that reflect your brand identity and keep your audience engaged during those first essential moments.


Understanding Music on Hold Services


IAP believes audio production is more than just a technical process; it’s an art form. Our audio services go beyond mixing and mastering; it’s about sculpting soundscapes that evoke emotion, enhance storytelling, and captivate audiences. We create an immersive experience that resonates with listeners long after the sound fades away.


In today’s media landscape, dominated by visually stunning content, the importance of impeccable audio quality cannot be overstated. While eye-catching visuals may initially draw viewers in, the audio quality keeps them engaged and immersed in the narrative. Exceptional audio is the secret weapon that sets your projects apart from the competition, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.


Consider, for example, the impact of on-hold music in a business setting. Imagine a customer calling a company for assistance and being greeted by static-filled, generic music on hold. The poor audio quality immediately creates a negative impression, detracting from the company’s professionalism and customer service experience. In contrast, expertly on-hold music from that same customer is greeted by a soothing melody or a catchy tune that enhances their waiting experience, leaving them with a positive impression of your brand.


Background noise and muffled dialogue can easily distract listeners and diminish the impact of your message. Every voice needs to be clear and resonate with precision, elevating average content to professional heights.


Our Audio Production Services


Whether you’re a retail store, restaurant, or corporate office, a carefully curated selection of licensed music tracks and playlists will create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for your customers and employees. Our licensed music solutions are a must to avoid any legal issues with the music industry.


Regarding commercials, we understand the importance of capturing attention and delivering your message with impact. Our team works closely with clients to develop creative concepts, write compelling scripts, and produce high-quality audio that cuts through the noise and resonates with your target audience.


Voiceover production is another area in which IAP excels. Whether you need a professional narrator for your documentary, a voice for eLearning, or anything in between, we have the talent and expertise to bring your vision to life. With a diverse roster of voice talent and professional recording facilities, we ensure that every voiceover project is delivered with clarity, emotion, and professionalism.


Messages on hold are an often overlooked but crucial aspect of customer communication. Our music-on-hold services help businesses create a positive and engaging experience for callers while they wait. We tailor our on-hold solutions to reflect your brand personality and enhance the customer experience.


Throughout every stage of the production process, quality assurance is our top priority. Our rigorous QA process ensures that every audio file that leaves our studio meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy, guaranteeing that your projects sound their best and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Why choose IAP Audio Productions?


When it comes to audio production services, there are plenty of options to choose from. Still, at IAP, our reputation, customer-centric approach, and competitive pricing set us apart as the premier choice for all your audio needs.


Our reputation speaks for itself, and we have a long list of satisfied clients spanning various industries and projects. We understand that quality audio management shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. That’s why we offer competitive pricing packages designed to suit projects of all sizes and budgets. Whether you’re a small business owner or a major corporation, you can trust that our pricing options are transparent, fair, and designed to provide maximum value for your investment.


Are you ready to take your audio to the next level? Contact us today via email at or by phone at 1-630-552-9600 to discuss your project and discover how IAP Audio Productions can help you achieve your goals.  You can also provide us with your contact information and we will give you a call.




On Hold Music and Messages

The Significance of On-Hold Music and Messages


Enhancing the caller experience is essential for maintaining client satisfaction and engagement. The strategic implementation of on-hold messages and music plays a crucial role in acquiring new business, reinforcing branding, and extending courtesy.


Many businesses and organizations seek customized messages or music while your prospects and clients are on hold. Updated automatic answering services that sound professional and closely align with their brand identity are what we do best.


When customers call a company, being placed on hold is rarely a pleasant experience. Thus, companies are improving this experience by ensuring the caller stays engaged and informed. On-hold messages for businesses fulfill this purpose by reassuring callers that an agent will be with them promptly and that their call is essential to the company.


IAP Audio Productions specializes in recording and delivering these vital on-hold messages, which enhances customer engagement and projects the desired professionalism.


Our services select the perfect voice to represent your brand and inform callers with professional voice talents. They also ensure your business features are the most suitable on-hold music, which caters to your customer demographics and keeps content fresh with the latest promotions.


IAP Audio Productions focuses on creating on-hold messages that combine sales with customer support. Their team of industry copywriters and professional voice talents produces on-hold phone messages that elevate customer experiences and support sales. IAP Audio Productions exhibits versatility, working with industries like automotive, finance, and healthcare, and extends its services to overhead music and innovative marketing solutions.


Furthermore, IAP Audio Productions offers on-hold messages that concentrate on caller retention and provide actionable content to prevent callers from hanging up. They highlight the potential for boosting sales through strategic on-hold marketing.


IAP delivers on-hold messages that blend the best in sales and customer support. Their voice recordings, crafted by a team of industry copywriters, professional voice talents, and marketing experts, create on-hold phone messages that contribute to better customer experiences and can help drive sales.


Besides employing skilled writers, IAP Audio Productions uses nationally recognized and experienced professionals to provide voiceovers paired with licensed music. They can supply files in various formats like .mp3, .wav, .etc., and offer digital hardware as needed.


The process starts with a consultation, followed by scripting, Productions, and delivery. Multiple audio samples are available on our website, showcasing sectors such as health care, legal, real estate, insurance, beauty, and medical industry.


We also provide many other audio services, including voiceovers for radio advertisements, website audio, explainer voiceovers, IVR greetings and eLearning audio.


A Fun Fact About Custom On-Hold Messages


  • Did you know that approximately 70% of callers are put on hold and that within just 45 seconds, 60% of those on hold hang up?


  • It is acknowledged that the best way to keep customers engaged while on the phone is to entertain them.


  • This is where voiceover and music-on-hold services come into play for your business.


  • Increase your transactions by up to 20% when mentioned in your on-hold messages.


  • Cross-selling and up-selling become effortless when you utilize on-hold music messages to promote additional services and other special offers while your customers wait.


  • Special greetings can inform them that you are closed for business due to a holiday observance.


  • If 88% of callers prefer on-hold messages and music, why not surpass their expectations with our on-hold experience?


Our experts craft the ideal on-hold message experiences for your customers—precisely as you desire.

IAP Audio Productions offers a suite of services, including on-hold messages, auto-attendant greetings, and overhead music for stores and businesses. While IAP Audio Productions serves brand-name companies, they offer affordable services for businesses of all sizes.


On-hold services not only provides skilled copywriters with the ability to draft your original script but also encourages businesses to keep their messages current and up-to-date with the latest campaigns and marketing messages.


Remarkable on-hold messages and music services are designed to captivate and retain callers. Statistics show that 70% of callers are put on hold, and their approach concentrates on entertainment and engagement, increasing offers and promotions during the hold time. Their on-hold music messages effectively cross-sell and up-sell, contributing to your business’s profitability.


In conclusion, on-hold phone music and messaging services enhance the on-hold experience. With 88% of callers preferring on-hold messages and music, businesses should exceed expectations by providing a superior on-hold experience.


Ready to take the next step? Explore our samples and check out examples of our past work on our website. From voiceovers to on hold music, you’ll see the caliber and creativity we bring to every project.


When you’re ready to begin, reach out to us for a consultation without hesitation. Our team is here to address any queries you may have and offer personalized recommendations to fulfill your audio Productions requirements.


Elevate your audio experience with IAP Audio Productions today! Visit our website at  to learn more and get in touch.

Music on Hold

Raise your client’s phone experience with expert music on hold solutions


In today’s competitive organizational environment, every touchpoint with a customer is a golden opportunity for branding and engagement. This is especially true when a customer is on the line, waiting to speak with your team. Change these quick waits into an impactful brand-name experience with our top-notch music on-hold services.


An often-overlooked detail, the Music on hold player is the unseen ambassador of your business’s image. It sets the auditory stage for your clients, using soothing tunes to enhance their calling experience. Moreover, popular music on hold can affect consumer mood, making the wait much shorter and more satisfying.


However, it’s not just about music.  Music On-hold messages play an essential role in communication. These messages are an opportunity to notify, engage, and even captivate. With tailored on-hold messages for organizations, you guarantee that your customers are welcomed with a tune, important information, and a warm, welcoming voice.


Crafting the Perfect On-Hold Messaging for Your Business


On-hold messaging is an art that combines informative speech with convincing interaction. Whether revealing brand-new services, sharing valuable ideas, or letting callers know their persistence is valued, these messages influence your customer care toolbox.


Selecting On-Hold Music for Business

The selection of on-hold Music for an organization is a strategic decision. It should show your brand’s personality—classic beauty, jazzy elegance, or contemporary vibrancy. The correct phone-on-hold Music can reassure clients that we have made the ideal call, literally and figuratively.


Integration and consistency

Integrating your on-hold Music and messages with your overall marketing technique is vital. Constant messaging across all platforms reinforces your brand and helps seal your corporate identity in the minds of your clients.


The bottom line

A premium on-hold music player, paired with carefully crafted on-hold messages, can significantly enhance the caller experience. It turns a necessary wait into a chance for your organization to shine. From popular tunes to custom-created on-hold messaging, the power of audio must not be underestimated.


Many company phone systems allow you to record your messages for customers on hold. This is specifically true with a full-blown contact center as a service (CCaaS).


After all, consumers who should make a call to an organization wish to prevent being postponed, so if your company needs to do this, you need to make the experience as pain-free and effective as possible. That implies motivating the caller to stay on the line, as a representative will talk to them soon while also guaranteeing that the caller is calm and assured that their call is valued and essential to that business.


Thankfully, IAP Audio Productions can record and supply the messages you need to optimize client engagement and ensure you predict the professionalism you want.


After all, a customer calling your business probably has a technical issue or grievance that has annoyed them. For this reason, any on-hold message should state that the call is vital and express the sentiment as honestly as possible. In addition, on-hold messages can be tailored to support marketing activities for upselling.


For that reason, we have listed the best on-hold messaging services presently offered, which are listed below.


We’ve also included the very best interactive voice-assisted (IVR) systems.


On-hold messaging improves your customer experience by giving the ideal voice to represent your brand name and inform callers, utilizing professional voice skills. IAP Audio Productions also looks to ensure you have the best Music to match your customer demographics, and we can make sure any recordings are updated with your newest promos.


Rather than simply offering audio samples, IAP Audio Productions can offer greetings for auto-attendants and IVRs that automatically route calls, ensuring that clients spend less time on hold while routing to the correct department and the first agent provided to help with their inquiries.


IAP Audio Productions offers several voice and music samples on its site, consisting of male or female artists, voices for digital signage, industry samples, IVR prompts, and worldwide voice samples in different languages.


IAP Audio Productions promotes that we regularly work in the automobile, financing, health care, hospitality, salons, and retail industries.


IAP Audio Productions aims to develop a favorable experience with on-hold messaging to decrease the variety of times customers detach and engage customers to drive extra sales by promoting appropriate products or services. Audio Productions has experience in numerous industries, including vehicle, monetary, health care, hospitality, restaurants, retail, and salons.


Offering on-hold marketing details can increase caller sales by 16% to 20%.


We likewise use auto-attendant, IVR services, and voicemail greetings that promote professionalism and the company brand to callers and clients.


Let IAP Audio Productions help you discover the ideal noise for your organization. With our know-how, your clients will be humming your brand name’s tune long after the call ends.


Music on Hold For Any Business

Music on Hold For Any Business


Welcome to IAP Audio Productions (IAP), where we offer top-quality audio production services tailored to your project needs. From licensed music selections to custom on-hold messaging, we specialize in delivering professional-grade audio solutions. In today’s competitive market, high-quality audio is essential for enhancing brand image and engaging customers through the power of sound. At IAP, we understand the importance of creating captivating audio experiences that leave a lasting impression. With our expertise, extensive music library, and commitment to excellence, partnering with IAP ensures your projects stand out and succeed.


The Power of Professional Audio Production


In today’s digital age, where consumers are constantly bombarded with content, the power of professional audio production cannot be understated. The audio we encounter, whether it’s in commercials, podcasts, or even while on hold in an important business call, significantly impacts our perception of a brand and our level of engagement with it. Professionally produced audio not only elevates the quality of a project but also enhances brand credibility and trustworthiness.


Consider the role of on-hold music for businesses, for instance. When customers are placed on hold, the experience can either be a frustrating one with generic, low-quality music or an opportunity to reinforce brand identity and provide valuable information. Professionally crafted on-hold messages coupled with licensed music create a seamless and pleasant customer experience, enhancing brand perception and fostering a positive impression of the company.


Furthermore, professionally produced audio has the potential to transform various types of projects, ranging from commercials to podcasts. In commercials, the right combination of voiceover, sound effects, and licensed music can evoke emotions, capture attention, and drive action. Similarly, podcasts rely heavily on audio quality to keep listeners engaged and coming back for more. By investing in professional audio production, businesses, and content creators can ensure their message is conveyed effectively, resulting in higher audience retention and engagement.


Numerous case studies and statistics support the effectiveness of quality audio production. For instance, research has shown that businesses utilizing on-hold messaging experience lower hang-up rates and increased sales conversions compared to those without. Similarly, podcasts with superior audio quality tend to attract larger audiences and garner more positive reviews and feedback from listeners. These examples underscore the tangible benefits that come with investing in professional audio production, making it an essential component of any successful marketing or content strategy.


Services Offered by IAP


At IAP Audio Productions, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all your audio production needs. Our services are designed to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your projects across various platforms.


First and foremost, our voice-over service ensures that you find the perfect voice to represent your project. Whether it’s for commercials, e-learning materials, or phone greetings, we understand the importance of matching the right voice to your brand and message.


Keeping callers engaged and informed is crucial, which is why our On Hold Messages & On Hold Players service is essential for businesses. With professionally crafted messages and licensed music, we help businesses create a positive on-hold experience for their customers.


Our Scriptwriting service is dedicated to crafting compelling narratives tailored to your target audience. From radio and TV commercials to explainer videos, we ensure that your message resonates with your audience and drives action.


Creating a professional first impression is key, which is why our Phone Greetings & IVR Greetings service is invaluable. We help businesses create professional greetings that set the tone for a positive customer interaction.


For businesses looking to advertise on radio, TV, or satellite, our Radio/TV Commercials & Satellite Spots service is essential. We specialize in creating attention-grabbing commercials that capture audience attention and drive results.


Enhancing the ambiance of retail and business environments is made possible with our Overhead Music & Messages service. We provide a wide selection of licensed music and messages to create a pleasant atmosphere for customers.


Streamlining the distribution of audio content is made easy with our CD/DVD Duplication service. Whether it’s for promotional materials or educational content, we ensure that your audio content reaches your audience efficiently.


Making educational content engaging and informative is our specialty with our e-Learning Narration & PowerPoint Narration service. We provide professional narration to help learners stay engaged and absorb information effectively.


Adding clarity and personality to instructional videos is effortless with our Explainer Video Narration service. We help businesses create engaging videos that effectively communicate their message to their audience.


Lastly, our Podcasts service is dedicated to helping businesses establish thought leadership and connect with their audience through engaging audio content.


With our versatile range of services, IAP Audio Productions is equipped to cater to diverse project needs, ensuring that your audio productions are of the highest quality and effectiveness.


Why Choose IAP?


Choosing IAP Audio Productions means teaming up with experienced professionals who are committed to delivering top-notch audio solutions tailored to your needs. Our diverse team includes talented voice actors, scriptwriters, and audio engineers, ensuring that your project is in capable hands.


We pride ourselves on using state-of-the-art equipment and technology to maintain the highest standards of audio quality. Our goal is your satisfaction, and we work tirelessly to meet deadlines and exceed expectations.


What’s more, we offer competitive pricing and customizable packages to accommodate various budgets without compromising quality. At IAP, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional value for your investment.


In essence, when you choose IAP Audio Productions, you’re choosing expertise, quality, and a commitment to your success. We’re here to help you achieve your goals through outstanding audio production, and we can’t wait to work with you.


The IAP Advantage


When it comes to audio production, choosing a local company like IAP Audio Productions offers numerous advantages, especially for businesses operating in North America. By opting for a local provider, businesses can tap into a range of benefits that contribute to smoother collaboration and enhanced results.


Based in Chicagoland, IAP offers a unique advantage to clients in the region and across North America. One of the key benefits of partnering with a company headquartered in Chicagoland is accessibility. With the ability to schedule in-person consultations and meetings, clients can enjoy a more personalized and collaborative experience. This direct line of communication facilitates a deeper understanding of client needs and ensures that projects are executed to perfection.


Moreover, being located in Chicagoland means that IAP has a firm grasp of the local market dynamics and cultural nuances. This insight allows the team to tailor audio productions to resonate with the target audience effectively. Whether it’s selecting licensed music that aligns with regional preferences or crafting on-hold messages that speak to the local demographic, IAP’s knowledge of the Chicagoland market ensures that clients receive tailored solutions that make an impact.


In addition to accessibility and local expertise, choosing a Chicagoland-based company like IAP also translates to faster turnaround times and efficient communication. Proximity to clients enables quick responses to inquiries, revisions, and feedback, leading to streamlined project timelines and enhanced efficiency. Clients can expect prompt delivery of high-quality audio productions without sacrificing attention to detail.


Furthermore, as a local business, IAP is deeply committed to serving its community and contributing to its success. Through partnerships with local businesses and organizations, IAP not only delivers exceptional audio production services but also actively supports the growth and prosperity of the Chicagoland area. By choosing IAP, clients benefit from superior audio solutions but also become part of a larger community-driven initiative focused on mutual success.


In essence, the IAP advantage extends beyond superior audio production to encompass accessibility, local expertise, efficient communication, and community engagement. For businesses in North America and Chicagoland seeking top-notch audio solutions tailored to their needs, partnering with IAP Audio Productions is the key to unlocking success.


Transform Your Audio Experience with IAP


To sum it up, if you’re thinking about improving your audio projects, IAP Audio Productions has your back. Our team is passionate about creating top-notch audio experiences tailored just for you. We’ve got the skills, the gear, and the dedication to make sure your audio stands out in all the right ways. Whether you’re after engaging voiceovers or smooth on-hold messages, we’ve got the expertise to bring your ideas to life. Drop us a line for a friendly chat or a quote. We appreciate you considering us for your audio needs!


Interested in learning more about the advantages of professional audio production and how it can enhance your projects? Dive into our blogs and guides on our website. We’re committed to helping you make informed decisions about your audio needs and ensuring you achieve the outcomes you’re after.


Ready to take the next step? Explore our samples and check out examples of our past work on our website. From voiceovers to on hold music, you’ll see the caliber and creativity we bring to every project.


When you’re ready to begin, reach out to us for a consultation without hesitation. Our team is here to address any queries you may have and offer personalized recommendations to fulfill your audio production requirements.


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Updating Your Business Phone Greetings

Why Updating Your Business Phone Greetings Makes Sense


Business communication and efficiency is critical to your business’s success and growth. Business Phone Greetings are more than a mere formality; they represent the first impression of your organization and its stakeholders. This initial encounter can shape perceptions and set the tone for future conversations. Updating your company’s telephone greetings and salutations becomes a strategic move with profound implications for productivity, branding, and customer experiences. Below we will review each of these segments.



For any business, effective correspondence is paramount. Here are a few ways in which well-made voice-over greetings can boost productivity:


  • Caller Information: Your phone greetings have the potential to be an important source of information that leads to smooth and efficient communication between you and your callers. By incorporating key elements like operating hours and location in these messages, you grant callers direct access to crucial details. This strategy prevents them from going through too many options, and thus, it saves them time as they interact with your company. When contacting a customer service team for operation hours or an office assistant for directions to the main branch, a phone greeting that includes the above details becomes a valuable piece of information that sets up the entire conversation on a positive note. This not only improves the caller’s experience but also shows that you believe in openness and two-way communication.


  • Call Direction: A precise welcome message can help direct people seeking particular offices or persons, thereby making communication more systematic while at the same time minimizing misdirected calls.


  • Efficiency: When you greet customers by answering their common queries, that makes work easier for your clients and employees, thus enhancing communication. It is this effectiveness that reduces customer disappointments while allowing the team to concentrate on complex issues, resulting in better services. Therefore, these seamless interactions improve customer satisfaction levels and make it clear in the minds of your clients that you are a time-oriented and customer-centric enterprise.



Your voice-over messages are not just scripted words; they embody the very spirit of your brand. This way, when callers interact with a business over the phone, these messages create exceptional canvases on which to paint images that deliver the essence of your brand. Every word, pitch, and shade in your voice-over greetings contributes to creating an unforgettable experience that cannot be replaced by any given information. It is a chance for you to insert professionalism, friendliness, or originality into the very fabric of your brand, thereby having a positive and long-lasting effect on people who access AA greetings from this automated attendant. In this area, auditory branding calls for consistency so as to ensure a consistent and unique representation of one’s personality across all call-conducting platforms, as well as developing awareness and trust.


  • Personalization: Address specific needs or occasions in your greetings. Personalizing makes it more careful and connects with listeners better. Therefore, adapting messages to celebrate various happenings or marketing campaigns demonstrates how much effort companies put into this process rather than only being reactive. This kind of tailoring creates loyalty as opposed to general exchanges, thus making people feel valued differently.


  • Brand Consistency: Your phone greetings have to blend seamlessly with your brand voice and messaging. Such consistency across all communication stations, like the website or social media, will not only ensure brand recognition and trust but also nurture a coherent, dependable image for clients. Consequently, this strategy will enable consumers to relate more with their audience, thereby building up a long-term connection.

Customer Experience:

Improving automated attendant greetings is one of the main objectives for businesses. In this context, your phone greeting is very important.


  • Tone Setting: The way you say ‘hello’ determines how friendly and helpful you are being. Callers can feel comfortable when they hear a warm and professional tone from the other end of the line. Also, including some personal touch in your recorded voice messages helps people find common ground, thus generating an atmosphere that is welcoming. It’s important to strike a balance between friendliness and professionalism while trying to create mutual understanding during initial contact in order for subsequent dialogues to be more meaningful and lasting in memory.


  • First Impressions: Most of the time, a customer’s first interaction with your business is through phone calls. A well-thought-out greeting creates not only a good initial impression but also lays the foundation for meaningful connections. It sets the stage for the entire customer experience by reflecting professionalism and attentiveness. Trust and rapport can be built through this first positive contact, which forms the basis for an infinitely lasting and beneficial bond.


  • Availability: Outline your availability or suggest alternative means of communication. This gives callers confidence that their concerns will be attended to in good time. Additionally, it indicates that you are committed to being accessible, as there are several ways through which customers can get in touch with you at any time they feel like doing so. By providing them with alternatives, callers are able to choose how best they want to reach out to you, hence fostering a customer-oriented approach. Through this flexibility, customers’ satisfaction levels increase while also expressing proactive attitudes towards their various modes of communication being embraced.


To end with, updating changes to your business phone greetings is an investment that can pay off by improving productivity and enhancing the brand and customer experience. By investing in greetings that are multilingual, you can appeal to a wider range of people and show them that you are open to everyone. Speaking different languages helps create good vibes at work and shows how much effort we put into being there for our clients, wherever they come from. This tiny detail may be what makes or breaks your communication plan. Seize such chances to make a good impression on callers, as this will reflect your commitment to effectiveness when it comes to inclusive communication.

Lets have a marketing branding conversation to discuss all you voice over needs.

Audio Branding for Business

Audio Branding for Business

It’s a fact of life that people will relate to and react to what they hear. In today’s world of marketing, audio branding is crucial. As I said before, your company should stand out and be distinctive from the rest of the crowd. Most importantly, it leads to recognition and recall, enhancing your product. This rule can apply to all media channels and platforms.


“That all sounds great, so How does IAP help manage that?”

IAP has now been operating successfully since 1986 as a family-owned business. Our years of experience have shaped and shone that invaluable jewel- consumer emotion—providing the right sound or voice for each business this bond. The result is a powerful route to conveying a company’s character, message, and brand.


“How do I know what type of audio brand for my business?”

Let’s face it: First impressions last. IAP can help you decide your ideal audio marketing plan. Our products include greeting messages for business, voice-acting scripts, voice-over demos, and voice-over samples. Let’s take a closer look.

We understand that every business is unique and has its own particular set of circumstances and goals. What type of audience a company targets plays a significant factor in determining the perfect audio marketing product.

You’ll be surprised that IAP offers a substantial choice of female and male voice actors. In addition, voice-overs also cover most of the world’s main languages. And IAP doesn’t stop there! Also available are child and teen voice actors and a host of famous character voices.

As you might imagine, IAP utilizes the latest high-quality sound technology. The importance is for crystal clarity. It optimizes the auditory sensations for speech, melodic sounds, and the effects needed for sonic branding.

Choosing the correct audio and tone is decisive, as it acts as your company’s voice. It influences how your customers perceive you—a positive awareness points towards making you their go-to source. So, remember, if done right, this can create customer loyalty and enhance company presence, branding, and product longevity.


Touchpoints + Consistency = Audio Branding Power

Occasionally, you will come across a touchpoint that can propel the future success of any business. The point where a company engages with its customers, e.g., greetings, jingles, or voice-acting scripts, should captivate and attract its audience.

Today, more than ever, touchpoints across various media platforms should remain consistent. Audio branding can ensure this. A brand’s image will be strengthened when advertised in a unified way, which instills brand familiarity and, over time, trust in potential customers.

It should also be worth remembering the speed and efficiency of a simple jingle. It can have just as much effect and recognition as using a perfect voice tone. The association and its relationship to consumers should aim to enchant.


The impact on consumers and customers

Competition in today’s media marketplace is intelligent, intense, and hard-hitting. As a powerful player, your audio branding must stand out and be unique.

The IAP challenge is to tender the perfect audio signature for a company. To understand the creativity needed to produce an ideal tone is the answer to what resonates with consumers. Sounds can calm, soothe, and entertain. As discussed, they also instill recognition and trust. It takes the stress out of a customer wanting to purchase a product and impacts their decision.


Are you interested in having a branding conversation to discuss all you voice over needs?



Business Phone Greetings

The Importance of Phone Greetings for Business


The first impression holds a great place in the world of business. More specifically, when communicating with clients and customers over the phone, your first interaction will build a professional image. Illinois Audio Productions (IAP) believes creating or updating your business phone greetings is vital to your brand and image. Often overlooked but essential, on-hold messages, music, and professional-sounding phone greetings can keep calm and order while on hold. It’s annoying when you are on hold with loud, dated tunes or no information, so you hang up.

Creating a Professional Phone Greeting Script

Phone greeting scripts are customer’s initial tastes in a company’s offerings. The script can speak volumes about what the business is truly like. Furthermore, it can talk about professionalism and values, as well as the fact that it also signifies that the industry is customer-oriented with top-quality customer service. An ideal phone greeting can capture the company name, making a short but warm greeting and options for navigating the call menu. Any well-scripted phone greeting should ensure that it is clear and concise and makes the caller feel warmly welcomed. Moreover, it should reflect the brand’s identity and align with its communication strategy.


Setting the Tone with On-Hold Messages

Through on-hold messages, when customers are placed on hold, businesses can make a more concerted effort to engage and educate them. As such, on-hold messages will pass information about promotions various details about a product or service, and sometimes even to entertain the callers. These messages should be carefully crafted while maintaining the caller’s interest and reflect positively on the business. In addition, there are situations in which using on-hold music that matches your brand can create a far better perception through every one of your callers’ experiences.


Improving the customer experience

Effective phone greetings significantly improve the overall experience of customers. When there is a friendly and professional phone greeting script, the customer feels valued and appreciated by the business from the first point of contact. The greeting can also have clear navigation options in the welcome that help guide callers quickly to the correct department or person, saving them aggravation and time. Beyond all this, on-hold messages and music keep the dialer amused and the hold time shorter by keeping callers informed or entertained while waiting.


Building trust and credibility

A well-written phone greeting script portrays professionalism and competency—the key ingredients in building customer trust and credibility. A concise and, at the same time, friendly message creates goodwill with callers. Such initial interaction serves as an introduction of faith, which is nurtured across the customer-business relationship. The consistent use of professional phone greetings furthermore reiterates for the business’ clientele its dependability in delivering excellent service.


Reflecting the Brand Identity

Phone greetings will exhibit room for emphasizing that more than anyone could ever fathom a company’s brand identity. Corporations should secure language, tone, and style in phone greetings, combined with the dynamic branding strategy pursued. This consistency in the phone greeting script helps hold a cohesive brand image across all customer touchpoints, formal and authoritative or casual and friendly.


Compliance and Legal Requirements

For instance, due to the law, some industries require specific types of information to be offered in a phone greeting. The financial industry’s regulatory details may be required at the beginning of any phone call received by the company. Any entity needs to make sure its phone greetings meet the requirements of the law to avoid possible legal problems.


Beyond the “Hello”: Crafting Winning Greetings

Since a stellar phone greeting is important, shifting the focus to the crafting process is fair. The following are some of the critical elements to take into consideration:


  • Professionalism and Warmth: Blend the friendly with the formal. Seek to be warm and helpful without falling into excessive informality or insincerity.
  • Multiple Language Options: In today’s diverse world, it is essential to cater to the different strata of people. Say Hello fits so many languages. It will provide an easy yet uplifting greeting for those viewers who can read or understand the message.
  • Clarity and Conciseness: State the company’s name clearly while at the same time ensuring clarity in the instructions of how a caller can reach a specific department or individual with whom they want to speak.
  • Accurate Wait Time Information: Let callers know about a wait or not at all, and if so, its length.
  • Hold music: Choose a gentle, corporate piece that matches your brand but won’t drown out the call’s audio. Now and then, silence is golden if the alternative is poor music!
  • The icing on the cake: When you’ve got the essentials sorted, finish off your greetings with a little sprinkling of these tips for extra flavor:
  • Holiday Greetings: Your holiday greeting should include a message during the holiday so that your customers will realize that you are concerned about it.
  • After-Hours Messages: Let your calling people know what they will hear in response to their calls after regular hours, and provide them with instructions if they want something.
  • Voicemail Prompts: Offer step-by-step instructions that will ensure easy voicemail messages.
  • Personalization: Where applicable on your system, utilize the callers’ names to personalize the communication.


Illinois Audio Productions has thirty-five years of experience and customer excellence. Enjoys increasing our client’s business activity. Invest your marketing dollars in creating professional and exciting phone greetings. IAP has Mastered the art of this too-often-forgotten communication channel, which will improve customer satisfaction, boost efficiency, and strengthen your brand image. So, pick up the phone, put on your best voice, and let your greetings be an entrance to a world of happy customers and thriving businesses.



Phone greetings are essential in defining the face of a business and leveling how customer interactions are held. A professional phone greeting script sets the right tone for professionalism and portrays an intent to offer good customer service. On-hold messages and music also increase the caller experience by giving them something worthwhile, such as information or entertainment, while they wait. With effective phone greetings, businesses can establish trust and improve their brand image to realize better customer satisfaction eventually.

Lets have a marketing branding conversation to discuss all you voice over needs.